The future of iOS Attribution: Visualizing the crossroads for mobile measurement

By Gadi Eliashiv July 24, 2020
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At Singular, we reacted quickly as we’ve been preparing for it for over a year. We formed the Mobile Attribution Privacy Coalition (join the slack channel here) in June of 2019 with less than 20 members, and now it has over 1000 participants! We monitored ITP to predict where probabilistic attribution will go and we reverse-engineered SKAdNetwork before there were any public docs to understand how it works. And lastly, we released various pieces of content that we believe are informative and pragmatic, as well as some sample code in Github.

It’s now been exactly a month since Apple announced the deprecation of the IDFA in iOS 14, and the number of questions about what it means for marketing measurement is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Customers and prospects we talk to are constantly asking about the different possible outcomes for mobile attribution, and I thought it would be a valuable exercise to try and build a decision tree outlining the possible solutions and scenarios – including adding our own view on the probability of these events happening. Simply click on the Miro board below, and explore away.

Note: Click the below board to display the decision tree. For the best experience, view the decision tree on desktop. This decision tree is updated regularly with new developments.

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