PC and console measurement: now live for all from Singular

By Kelsey Lee January 29, 2024

Wouldn’t it be great to measure everything everywhere in one place, all at once, with a single tool? Welcome to Singular’s PC and Console Attribution and Analytics, now officially joining Singular’s existing solutions for mobile, web, and pretty much everything else you need to measure marketing efforts.

A big innovation in this solution: web postacks for ad networks (keep reading for why that matters).

Marketing has been cross-platform for years, even decades. And parts of this new Singular solution have been live and in use for years for select clients. We’ve been growing and adding to it for some time, and now we’re finally starting to talk about it. We’re also releasing it to any client with the need and desire to measure game marketing across PC, console, web, and mobile. 

In fact, one client, Riot Games, has already used part of this solution for over 2 years to track over $100 million in revenue and analyze their cross-device performance as they’ve expanded from desktop to mobile gaming and console.

That’s probably not surprising if you’ve followed cross-platform gaming: almost 90% of all gamers have played cross-platform games. Cross-platform allows game publishers the opportunity to appeal to people on multiple platforms, building their potential market and boosting sales 20-40%.

The challenge, however, is measuring success for all your marketing campaigns in all the places they can possibly convert. That’s why Singular is releasing PC and console measurement, and it’s unified with all your other reporting for mobile and desktop.

PC and console measurement: the solution

PC and console measurement evaluates ad effectiveness across platforms by joining marketing campaign data with down-funnel user gaming events. 

Like all cross-platform marketing experiences, PC and console present many user journey possibilities. No matter the path to conversion — ad to landing page, ad to store, using a login flow, or the Singular ID — PC and console marketers will be able to track the entire user journey and understand game launch and user acquisition performance like never before, including web, PC games, and console games.

It enables both deterministic and probabilistic measurement from web ads to your landing pages, first and third-party stores, and connects those touchpoints to completed installs and in-game events on all platforms.


PC and console marketers often are forced to think outside of the box to capture and optimize the various user journeys and experiences that span platforms and devices. For those testing something new, chances are we can track it or help you build a way to do so. 

For instance, Google Play Games has had a direct third-party store in beta for quite some time, but recently Singular clients have been exploring this new user journey and the opportunities for conversion it can present.

In a privacy-focused world, marketers need to get creative, and so does measurement. 

Cross-platform measurement: web-based postbacks, web SDK, and more …

At Singular, we do end-to-end solutions. We look at how data is tracked, how cost is collected, how that joins across all platforms and devices, and we look at how to get that data to you and your partners. 

Let’s take a look at the key components to an end-to-end PC and console measurement and analytics solution.

PC and console measurement includes attribution of in-game events to web campaigns. Formatting web links for web campaigns can be a manual and error-prone process, and often only accounts for UTM parameters which can lead to broken granularities in reporting later. To set marketers up for success in a cross-platform reality, Singular is the only MMP to provide a Web Link Generator that automatically helps you standardize your web links so they speak to your Singular Links. 

This automatically aligns web UTMs with the mobile parameters on your mobile campaigns, allowing a seamless connection of data sets across mobile events and web events. It also enables aggregated cost across all platforms.

On that note, it’s worth adding that PC and console measurement benefits from Singular’s industry-best cost aggregation service, capturing cross-platform data, normalizing it, standardizing it, and presenting it with revenue data for granular reporting with campaign level ROI, broken down by multiple dimensions including platform and store.

pc console measurement dashboard

Just some of what you can achieve out of the box:

  • Cost per new account
  • Cost per download
  • Cost per first game play
  • Cost per NFT purchase
  • ROI
  • CPA
  • ARPU
  • And much more …

Singular’s PC and Console solution includes another industry-first: web postback capability. 

Supporting conversion postbacks for the web, PC, and console platforms allows your marketing and advertising partners to optimize for conversions on all those platforms for web-based campaigns, finally bringing web-campaign optimization into parity with its mobile-campaign counterpart. Now marketers can easily compare performance and results across all their campaigns and platforms.

That’s an industry first.

pc console measurement arpu ROI

Plus, all of the data is available via Singular’s best-in-class continuous ETL solution. As with mobile campaigns, aggregate and user-level data schemas with PC and console-relevant breakdowns can be loaded into your destination of choice: all leading databases, storage solutions, visualization tools, and file-based tools.

Thanks to Singular ETL, it all happens via a single unified data pipeline: no maintenance and no coding required.

Whether you’re marketing one game everywhere across PC, console, web, and mobile, or simply looking to measure the impact of your advertising campaigns on PC or console games or apps, Singular’s PC and console solution just works.

Fixing what sucks in PC/console marketing measurement

The challenges in marketing and advertising for PC and console games are many. 

You’ve got fragmented marketing spend leading to complex manual data aggregation. There are inconsistent tracking conventions that destroy your ability to achieve granular ROAS insights. It’s hard to attribute in-game events or milestones to specific campaigns, meaning your user journeys are broken and there are extreme challenges to helping ad partners optimize their campaigns for your benefit.

Plus, your marketing data is siloed between your platforms: PC, console, web, mobile. Each have their own marketing infrastructure and data sources. Singular’s newly available PC console measurement solution fixes all of that.

To learn more, let us show you the solution in detail.

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