Multiple breakdowns: how to get more data from your ad networks than they offer (sort of)

By John Koetsier March 26, 2024

How can you get more data from your ad network partners than they provide? Simple answer: ultimately, you can’t. More complex answer: you can get more than they’ll give you on a single pane of glass, though. It’s called “Multiple Breakdowns.”

And, as it turns out, it’s extraordinarily useful.

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The problem: siloed data dimensions

Here’s the deal: ad networks often don’t give you all the data dimensions you want in a single place. They have restrictions on the number of different breakdowns you can view simultaneously, and that has an impact on what you can learn.

For example, on Meta, you can’t really see breakdowns for age and gender together with the platform. Getting ad type and placement together is also a problem. On Google, you can’t analyze keywords alongside breakdowns by country. Most ad networks, especially the larger platforms, will have some form of built-in inability to offer all the breakdowns you might want to see in the same table or chart. With Apple Search Ads, just like Google, you can’t get the country and keywords together.

Here’s an example:

multiple breakdowns 1

You have campaigns A and B. You want to see country and keyword together to know how to target your ads more effectively in the future, or to build better creative for each geo.

But … you can’t.

The solution: multiple breakdowns

The solution is a new product feature Singular calls Multiple Breakdowns. Multiple Breakdowns is simply Singular pulling the data for you and performing some database magic.

Multiple Breakdowns

So if you’re using TikTok and you want to add platform to campaign, country, and placement, now you can. If you’re using Google or Meta and you want to add country, it’s possible. And you can now see the geo for your Apple Search Ads.

Not every breakdown is supported in Multiple Breakdowns, of course. Here’s what Singular is currently supporting:

Multiple Breakdowns solution

The result is that you get more of the data you need.

And you can make better decisions.

What does Multiple Breakdowns enable?

Multiple Breakdowns allows marketers to select and analyze multiple breakdowns, providing you with a more holistic view of campaign performance.

Now you can identify hidden trends, fine-tune targeting strategies, and measure performance with greater accuracy. By leveraging additional dimensions like age, gender, country, or even DMA, marketers can make better-informed decisions and optimize their campaigns more effectively.

Plus it makes life easier.

“Even if you don’t want to combine them all together to see all the dimensions in a single report, it’s very challenging and cumbersome to constantly switch between the different views and then see just one aspect at a time,” says Singular product manager Maayan Schor. “It’s a really disruptive workflow.”

But when you’re really using them, it’s likely something will pop out of the data:

“The main impact is granular control,”says Schor. “Multiple Breakdowns really helps marketers to identify any hidden trends that they didn’t see before, because they now have access to their additional breakdowns.”

That might impact targeting, creative insights, budget allocations, and more. One example: board games are surprisingly popular with Gen Z, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that if you aren’t able to slice and dice your data by demographics.

Note: currently Multiple Breakdowns are available via API and ETL. Your standard dashboard view will remain as is.

Enabling this new feature

Multiple Breakdowns is available immediately.

Talk to your Singular contact about enabling this new feature for you.

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