Snowflake: make paid marketing data accessible without coding

By Elizabeth Lauer-Lopez April 22, 2020

Singular is now integrated with the cloud data warehouse Snowflake to enable simple and scalable data access. This integration will save companies engineering resources and speed up business decisions by integrating paid marketing data from multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, and 2000+ more partners. Advertising spends and performance ROI data from all marketing sources are normalized in a single table. Marketers are able to streamline the availability of marketing performance data into their internal data warehouse and make it more accessible to run custom queries. 

What is Singular?

Singular provides a single source of truth for marketing performance data by managing the 3rd party data connections for marketers fetching advertising spend, conversions, and attribution decisions for all marketing channels from over 2000+ integrations. Data is aggregated into business-ready schemas from partnֳers such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing, and many more publishers, influencers, and offline channels to create one data table. 

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is an enterprise-ready cloud data warehouse that automatically scales (up and down) to get the right balance of performance versus cost by separating data storage from data computing. For example, if you need near-real-time data loads for complex transformations, but have relatively few complex queries in your reporting, you can script a massive Snowflake warehouse for the data load, and scale it back down after it’s completed–all in real-time. This saves costs without sacrificing your solution goals.

The integration enables seamless data transfer between Singular and Snowflake in just a few clicks. Customers use cases are:

Power Internal Marketing Dashboards

Use Singular to load performance marketing data including clicks, spend, and conversions into a unified table. Companies have access to copy data in the most granular way possible including campaign, ad group, keyword, and creatives to get more customized insights.

Analyze Customer Behavior Patterns for Better Segmentation

Copy marketing performance data from Singular, such as ad spend, clicks, country, campaign, and creative into your data warehouse and join this with proprietary data, such as transaction data. Companies will have much deeper segmentation information based on where they spend advertising dollars and the ROI results each customer segment produced. 

What is Singular’s Marketing ETL solution?

Singular’s Marketing ETL takes all marketing data collected by Singular’s Marketing Analytics platform and packages it into a single data table that can be ported to any data warehouse. 

Singular and Snowflake make managing data pipelines and data flows into internal data warehouses and visualization tools easier than ever for marketers and engineering teams. There’s no code required to start pushing data to Snowflake. Teams simply enter credentials and start using their marketing data in Snowflake. Never before has it been easier to get marketing data into your data warehouse to enable marketing and business intelligence teams to do deeper analysis and project where future marketing dollars should be spent.

How can Singular’s Marketing ETL help my company?

Engineering teams:

  • Unifies all your marketing channels into one table with a business-ready schema.
  • Reduces requests from marketing teams like new channel integration requests and data discrepancies
  • Ensures your data will always be accurate – Singular ETL is a fully managed solution with monitoring 24/7. 

Marketing teams:

  • 100% coverage of all advertising spend guaranteed–even those partners where there is no API available
  • Create powerful marketing dashboards by joining Singular data with your proprietary data
  • Save valuable hours every week calculating return on investment for each marketing source and gain more time you can put towards optimizing campaigns and access clear insights via Singular’s cost aggregation solution
  • Add new channels without breaking existing dashboards and save engineering resources
  • Align internal teams and work towards common goals with a single source of truth

What is required to send my marketing data to my internal data warehouse?

The Singular and Snowflake integration streamlines data infrastructure to empower marketers to build more effective growth strategies based on accurate, relevant datasets. 

Marketing automation in the early stages is extremely beneficial if your focus is to scale and have a quick insight into marketing analytics. Try Singular free with Snowflake and bring data into your internal data warehouse or visualization tool without having to write a single line of code. If you’re an existing customer that would like to know more about how to send data to your internal database, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to start that conversation about the Marketing ETL and Snowflake integration.

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