Google’s ready, we’re ready! Singular’s SKAdNetwork solution now supports Google Ads

By Lara Doel June 10, 2021

As Google announced their release of their iOS 14.5 compliant solution for Google Ads, Singular was quick to scoop in to seamlessly execute a Google Ads integration update for SKAdNetwork.

We’re also proud to announce that thanks to the close partnership with the Google team, we are the first MMP to support Google Ads SKAdNetwork data in the Singular dashboard. With this integration, marketers can continue to use Singular as their single source of truth for all their marketing data, across all partners. And, of course, see all their SKAdNetwork data as well. 

What does this mean for mobile marketers? Singular SKAN is cranking its wheels for Facebook, Twitter, Snap, TikTok and now, Google too. Support for SKAdNetwork campaigns is still in its early stages, but it is our priority to ensure that our clients are covered and always have the most up-to-date dataset to operate with minimal interruption (for a full list of all Singular’s integrated partners look here). 

Let’s deal with those inevitable FAQs:

How does the Google Ads integration differ from other integrations?

Google Ads exposes SKAdNetwork data through the Google Ads API. At the moment, postbacks are not forwarded to Singular (or any other MMP). However, Google includes the Conversion Value, which is what Singular needs to track and decode post install events for reporting and optimization.


How does the SKAN Google solution work?
There is an exposed API that we pull for SKAN campaign IDs and conversion values.


What types of Google Ads campaigns are currently supported?
Google has rolled out support for all campaign types, except tROAS. As advised in Google’s Help Center article, advertisers are encouraged to consolidate their iOS App campaigns and use only tCPI or tCPA bidding.


Are there any steps needed by advertisers to set up SKAdNetwork campaigns on Google?

If you are using Singular as your SDK for managing SKAdNetwork, no further steps are needed. 


What information does Singular provide?

  • Estimated install date, calculated by Singular
  • Campaign IDs
  • Conversion values (up to 63), with CV decoding including revenue 
  • ROI (we can decode revenue and match your tracker data with cost data)

Comparison to tracker installs (in one row you can see your campaign ID, how many tracker installs, how many SKAN installs)

What’s the best part?
Customers do not need to do anything to get this data beyond having a Google Ads Data Connector configured.

We integrate and you can see the SKAN data in the Singular SKAN report and raw SKAN report, or via our API and ETL alongside reporting from all your other ad partners.


If you’re not already a Singular client, get in touch with us now for your SKAdNetwork walk-through.



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