All About Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs)

By John Koetsier December 7, 2020

Mobile app attributionSingular is very proud to be one of the small set of companies that Facebook has designated as Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners or MMPs. This puts us in an elite set of attribution and analytics providers that can maximize your ability to understand the marketing-driven actions app users take on Facebook.

Singular and Facebook measurement

We created this blog post to help app marketers understand what an MMP does. We’ll explain the important role MMPs like Singular can play in proving the value of your efforts and providing the insights you need for powerful campaign optimization.


All of the below is still relevant. One new development, however, is what we’re seeing recently with Facebook SKAdNetwork … the approach Facebook is taking to Apple’s new SKAdNetwork method of attributing mobile app installs on the iOS platform. Check here for full details on how Singular can help with that!

Facebook and the app industry

Facebook has long been one of the leading players in the app marketing industry. In fact, our aggregate data show that Facebook consistently leads the pack in install ad spending (along with Google) across the massive Singular enterprise client base.

But Facebook install ads aren’t just a popular solution for the industry’s biggest brands. In fact, Facebook ads often play a very large role in app marketing for medium and small app publishers. Many such companies spend the bulk of their UA money on Facebook.

Further, Facebook is often the ad platform that marketers first leverage when they begin paid install marketing. The reasons are simple and compelling:

  • Facebook is connected and social
    It’s a powerful venue for delivering sponsored messages because of its social leadership
  • Facebook scale and engagement
    Facebook is far and away the biggest social community globally, with more than 2.01B MAUs. That’s a lot of potential installers
  • Facebook is mobile
    Well over a billion people access Facebook every day via mobile. That creates an enormous number of opportunities for app marketers to reach and persuade people where they can download and install immediately.
  • Facebook ads consistently perform well
    In our recent Singular Global ROI Index report, which pitted all install sources against each other based on ROI generated, Facebook led the pack in ad ROI
  • Facebook innovates
    Facebook offers a number of powerful app install and remarketing ad formats. In addition to basic units, they’ve continued to innovate to create units that cover the waterfront of app marketing use cases
  • Facebook is an early adopter
    Facebook was an early mover into remarketing. Not content to compete solely for installs, Facebook has been aggressive in evangelizing for app remarketing use cases, and captures the number one position for remarketing spend across our long list of enterprise clients

Mobile app tracking and mobile attribution on Facebook

Facebook offers a built-in platform for measurement that meets the needs of advertisers that spend on Facebook only. For advertisers looking for deeper insights about campaign performance and to measure aggregated across multiple media sources like Facebook and ad networks, Facebook recommends working with a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner (Facebook MMP).

From the Facebook website:

Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners are vetted for excellence in exactly the things you need to get more from your marketing. Whether it’s managing campaigns at scale, improving measurement, reaching new audiences or more. What you need is what they do best.

Facebook specifies that its Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners observe stringent standards and guidelines for measurement, data management, and consumer privacy. Singular is very proud to be an MMP and works hard to consistently meet or exceed Facebook’s standards.

Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) have maximum access to event-level data that takes place on Facebook, including time stamps for critical actions like impressions and clicks. Click timestamps enable MMPs like Singular to see the amount of time between when someone views or clicks on your ad to when they open your app for the first time.

These insights are critical because marketers need to accurately attribute their installs and remarketing events to the media partners that drove them. To do this, we need to link installs to marketing activity, and deduplicate when multiple media companies touch a user before she takes a desired action like installing.

Why it’s important to work with an official Facebook MMP

A number of non-MMPs have tried to measure Facebook activity using deep-links, but this is something that Facebook now neither recommends nor allows. Deep-links were always only a partial solution because:

  • They could only track activity that occurs within seven days of the marketing. Many advertisers believe that a longer window is important to understanding the full effects of a marketing program
  • They could not track view-through installs. More and more marketers now recognize the importance of view-through measurement. Facebook recently examined 30 mobile app install lift studies and found that advertisers who didn’t count views missed out on an average of 14% of conversions
  • They could not deduplicate installs touched by more than one media provider
  • Deep-link-based measurement did not provide outcome data for optimization

You can read Facebook’s post on the deficiencies of deep-link-based measurement here.

Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners and Instagram

Facebook’s sister property has fast become a key source of app installs. It’s scale and powerful creative units featuring strong visuals and video have made it a strong performer for many app marketers.

Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) like Singular have the same access to key measures and time stamps for Instagram as for Facebook and the Facebook Audience Network. Other measurement providers do not.

Consider Singular for your Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner

As an MMP, Singular offers unsurpassed ability to track and measure user behavior and marketing performance on Facebook.

But Singular offers marketers more than Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) capabilities. We are also an App Analytics Partner with Google, a Pinterest Marketing Partner, a Twitter Official Partner, a Snapchat measurement partner, and a partner with Apple. In addition, we have more than 1,600 integrations with ad networks around the world. The result is a complete view of your marketing activity — ad performance, spend, and revenue data combined, enhanced and connected in a single platform.

At Singular, our focus is to deliver the best-in-class analytics platform for mobile-first marketers. Our unified ROI analytics platform offers:

  • The Most Advanced Marketing Data Collection Engine
    Collect and standardize marketing data from social channels, ad networks, marketing clouds, lifecycle management platforms, data warehouses, and other marketing analytics systems — to expose deeper data across every customer touchpoint.
  • True ROI Analysis
    Singular is the only platform capable of connecting marketing data with user behavior data to expose the most granular and accurate ROI data, from channel, country, campaign and publisher-level ROI — down to user-level ROI.
  • A Best-In-Class Analytics Product Built for Marketers
    Slice and dice your data across every dimension so you can analyze marketing performance, manage marketing budgets, optimize creative assets, and create user-level segments with automatic real-time distribution to any third-party system.
  • Industry’s Best Creative Reporting and Analytics
    As more and more marketers wake up to the importance of creative, in both UA and remarketing, our creative reporting enables you to analyze executions against any dimension of data — including location, source and custom dimensions — and filter results on the fly to pinpoint top-performing creatives. Our visual interface also enables you to see the ads as you evaluate the data, and cluster executions on any dimension you choose.
  • User Audience Management
    Singular also enables marketers to analyze groups of their users and create high performing audiences for remarketing, better lookalike modeling, and improved UA. Once they create these audiences, marketers can securely share them with their choice of partners for customized marketing and optimized results.

We’d love to tell you more about how we can help improve your marketing effectiveness by delivering unprecedented insights along with comprehensive app attribution and measurement.

For more information, get in touch.

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