Boosting ad revenue: Here’s what the experts say

By John Koetsier January 5, 2021

Ad monetization accounts for 60-95% of the revenue of many gaming apps, especially in the casual and hyper casual space. So it’s critical to maximize your main revenue source and ensure that how you generate return on ad spend is completely integrated into your user acquisition strategy.

What do the experts suggest?

We recently asked Voodoo’s Ido Naim, Neonplay’s Mark Allen, and GameHive’s Mary Kim exactly that. Plus, we talked to one of the key players in helping gaming publishers monetize: MoPub’s Noam Yasour, and a key player at Singular in helping top gaming marketers measure and analyze their monetization results: Lisi Gardiner.

There’s two ways for you get all their insight:

– Cliff notes: grab the ad mon tipsheet

– Deep dive: watch the on-demand webinar

What you can expect in the tip sheet:

  • Tips to boost ad revenue while not harming retention
  • How to align your admon, UA, and product teams for maximum effectiveness
  • Why it’s critical to account for ad revenue in your ROI and ROAS calculations
  • Why having a single source of truth for marketing matters
  • The most critical KPIs
  • The elements of a great ad monetization tech stack

There’s more, of course. To get all the value from these amazing participants, you’ll need to catch the on-demand webinar. The bad news is it’ll take about an hour of your time. The good news is that it is not your typical boring webinar. There are some jokes that don’t suck, we do have some fun, and most importantly, it is jammed with great insight from top experts.

In addition to the elements in the tip sheet, you can expect to hear details on:

  • iOS 14 and IDFA (of course!)
  • LTV
  • Data aggregation
  • Game design for optimal ad monetization
  • New ad formats
  • Optimizing eCPM and impression frequency
  • Re-engagement for ad mon whales
  • Waterfall vs in-app bidding

For mobile marketing professionals who want to up their game in ad monetization, watching the entire show is a great use of time.


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