21st century marketing intelligence webinar: Data, science, and magic in a world of smart devices

By John Koetsier March 5, 2019

Every marketer knows marketing is changing.

You don’t have to be a CMO to see that lack of data is no longer the reason why marketers can’t grow their brands. Marketers are deluged with data, overwhelmed with data, buried in data. The solution lies within … but finding the growth needle in the data haystack is getting more and more challenging.

That growth needle is 21st-century marketing, or what we call marketing intelligence. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this webinar.

We’ve got the right people to share their insights.

Scott Beechuk
Scott is a partner at Norwest Venture Partners. He’s spent 20 years in the enterprise software industry, including as a senior VP with Salesforce and head of engineering for, and VP product management and marketing for Codebees. He’s also co-founded multiple companies and currently serves on the board of Singular, Leanplum, Bluecore, and Socrates AI.

Morgan Norman
Morgan is CMO at Copper, the #1 CRM for Google’s G Suite. He’s previously led marketing at Dialpad, NetSuite, and Zuora, and was a senior director of marketing at Microsoft. Morgan has also founded companies, contributes to Forbes, and is an abstract painter.

We’ll talk about:

  • How CMOs manage the constant onslaught of data
  • How marketers can make smarter decisions to optimize growth
  • The biggest problems with marketing data
  • The emergence of the CGO: Chief Growth Officer
  • Marketing’s emerging leadership role across the entire enterprise
  • How to connect every input (effort) with an output (conversion)

You will not want to miss this webinar.

I’ve personally heard Scott Beechuk talk and there are few who understand the future of marketing and the future of marketing technology like he does. Morgan Norman is a former engineer as well who deeply understand what technology is doing to marketing, and lives it every day.

Details and link

Date: March 21, 2019

Time: 1:30PM Eastern, 10:30AM Pacific

Link: The webinar will be delivered via Zoom

We look forward to hosting you in a few weeks!

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