UNIFY @ home

Marketing masterclass from expert mobile marketers


UNIFY is the marketing expert’s conference.

Every year, Singular invites the smartest and most successful mobile marketers to come to Napa Valley and speak, share, listen, and learn from each other.

Now all the amazing content from that exclusive event is available to you.

UNIFY @ Home 2019 is a marketing masterclass about the science of marketing. It’s about cross-platform marketing. It’s about preventing ad fraud, and pairing science with the most creative part of marketing and advertising. It’s about going beyond the fundamentals, and making your tech stack smart.

unify marketing masterclass

Who’s delivering all this insight?

Top growth marketers like DraftKings senior director of growth marketing Jayne Perissini and Earnin’s director of user acquisition, Vanessa Chang. We also hear from experts from Rovio, Barkbox, Lyft, N3TWORK, and 20th Century Fox. Oh, and Dmitry Stravitsky from AirBnB and Chris Akhavan from Glu Mobile. Plus even more top marketers from Stitchfix and Supercell and Coinbase.

We invite you to enjoy the sessions and learn from the experts who are presenting.

We also invite you to connect with Singular to learn more about the tools these experts find essential in creating the outsized growth they deliver.

And, perhaps, we welcome you to enjoy UNIFY 2020 in person!

The state of growth marketing

This wouldn’t be much of a marketing masterclass without an overview of where we are today. Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv unpacks the state of growth marketing.

Topics include:

  • marketing technology convergence
  • marketing data unification
  • rise of the Chief Growth Officer
  • cross-platform and cross-device marketing
  • ad monetization for mobile apps
  • ad fraud (and new solutions)


This video includes the introduction to UNIFY 2019 by Singular COO Susan Kuo. It’s a great overview of what UNIFY is and how it works, but if you want to skip right to Gadi Eliashiv’s presentation on the state of growth marketing, jump to about 5 minutes in the video.

Seeing cross-platform with 20/20

cross-platform customer journey

Arguably one of the most popular buzz words of today, cross-platform presents an increasingly difficult challenge to measuring the customer journey … and doing attribution.

Where are your customers onboarding? Where did your marketing touch them first? How can you accurately measure effectiveness when they weave back and forth from web to mobile … plus other channels?

You simply can’t have accurate ROI or LTV if you do not have cross-platform visibility, so hear how these experts are solving this in the second video of our marketing masterclass.


  • Todd Kane, VP of Growth, Bark Box
  • Dmitry Stavitsky, Growth Marketing Lead, Airbnb
  • Eric Kovalkoski, Growth & Media Strategy, Stitch Fix
  • Vince Cortese, Chief Revenue Officer, Singular (moderator)

Building a data-driven creatives engine

creative optimization - mobile marketing

Savvy marketers are extracting data from ad channels and leveraging tools to expose full-funnel performance data down to the creative level.

Creative is a massive component of marketing success.

Nielsen says that the quality of your creative is responsible for as much as 49% of all sales lift. The Journal of Advertising tells us that creative impacts 13 key variables in five separate stages of the ad experience. And Ipsos says a full 75% of an ad’s ability to make a positive brand impression is due to creative.

See how top marketers are optimizing against more than just clicks or conversions … and the results they’re getting from working smarter, not harder.


  • Vanessa Chang, Director of User Acquisition, Earnin
  • Gavin McNicholl, Global Head of Creative Labs, Vungle
  • Emily Tierney, Marketing Analytics, Supercell

5 unexpected effects of fraud on your business

Yevgeny Peres, VP of Growth at ironSource, shares deep insights on fraud, fraud prevention, and the unexpected impacts of fraud.

While it may seem that the topic of fraud has been extensively if not exhaustively covered, in this session we’ll reveal several remaining blindspots where fraud is impacting overall mobile app health.

Fraudulent channels severely impact other marketing channels … and you’ll see just how easy it is for networks to steal advertising dollars.

Under the hood: Making your tech stack intelligent

marketing tech stack mobile

Do you have a marketing tech stack or a blob? Do you have what you need, or have you cobbled together something that kind of works, along with a lot of manual tweaking and Excel work?

Hear about some of the growth stacks that the top marketing technologists on the planet use …


  • Dan Barnes, COO, N3TWORK
  • Jarrko Rajamaki, VP Advertising, ROVIO
  • Dave Riggs, Founder @ UserAcquisition.com
  • Gadi Eliashiv, CEO, Singular

Go beyond the fundamentals

What you can learn from some of the most advanced marketing organizations in the world? What are the fundamentals of growth marketing, to start, and where is marketing and marketing technology going?


  • Jayne Pimentel, Senior Director of Growth Marketing, DraftKings
  • David Mausolf, VP User Acquisition Marketing, FOXNEXT
  • Tapio Tuomola, Performance Marketing Director, Rovio
  • Sherry Lin, Marketing Operations Lead, Growth Marketing, Lyft
  • Victor Savath, VP Customer Strategy, Singular (moderator)

The future of marketing intelligence

What is the future of marketing intelligence? Of marketing technology? And of growth marketing?

We think it’s intelligence: the ability to uncover insights from data that drive better decision-making.

Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv completes our marketing masterclass by speaking about the future … and unveiling a new Singular product.

Next steps

We’d love for you to attend UNIFY 2020. It’s the only way you’ll get to see exclusive sessions that we contractually cannot record and share.

Like this session for example, on moving marketing from an art to a science, with executives from Amazon and Nike. That’s the good stuff you have to see in person.

unify by singular marketing art to science

There will be a lot to look forward to come summer 2020. Sign up for early notification about the event here.

What can you do now?

Get in touch with us. We’d love to chat with you about how the very best and biggest marketing organizations in the world use Singular to unify their marketing data, double their growth, and scale their user acquisition to $250,000/day.

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