Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

Accurately measure and analyze the impact of your marketing with an MMP tailored to your business.

Go beyond legacy MMP providers
with Singular’s end-to-end growth platform

Measure and report on all the channels you work with

Measure cross-platform performance across apps, web, SMS, referrals, email, and TV with Singular’s open integration framework.

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Combine attribution with leading cost aggregation

Powerful data connectors meet attribution to unlock marketing performance for every campaign, publisher, creative, and keyword.

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Track and analyze across the entire user lifecycle

Report on acquisition and re-engagement across platforms with deep links, web-to-app, and cross-device attribution.

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Block more fraud with best-in-class fraud prevention

Keep your ad budgets focused on real users and avoid misreporting with more detection methods and pre-attribution fraud rejection.

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A single managed pipeline for analysis-ready marketing data

Load attribution, ad spend, creatives, bids, and ad monetization data directly to Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, and more.

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Teams that leveled up with Singular’s next-gen attribution

Don’t settle for half the picture. Get a complete view of ROI and performance.

Analyze the impact of every ad dollar by automatically connecting and combining cost data from thousands of sources with attribution data. Gain incremental performance lifts by unlocking granular ROAS at the source, campaign, creative, publisher, and keyword levels.

Partner Coverage to account for your entire program

In addition to being a fully-certified MMP across Facebook, Google, Apple, and more, Singular is the only MMP that has thousands of dual integrations, including campaign data, ad monetization data, audience data, and bid data, to provide marketers with the most complete view of ROI and performance.

Configurable cross-platform and mobile attribution for reliable measurement and insights.

Configure attribution settings for every channel and platform, like touchpoint prioritization, lookback windows, and inactivity windows at the source, and even link level to properly measure every touchpoint in the user journey. Singular supports more attribution methods than any other MMP including customized re-engagement flows, multi-touch tracking (MTA), SKAdNetwork, UTM tracking, website-to-app attribution forwarding, and even cross-device attribution.

Ready to level up your growth game?

Powerful linking toolset for universal measurement and seamless user experience.

Streamline your tracking across mobile, web, paid channels, organic channels, and owned properties with universal links. Optimize user experience with configurable deep links and deferred deep links, which ensure personalized onboarding experiences and contextual re-engagement. Protect your brand with custom link domains and shortlinks.

Everything you need to drive growth in iOS 14 and beyond.

The most advanced SKAdNetwork Attribution integrated with industry-leading upper-funnel data aggregation. Singular’s Unified Solution for iOS 14 offers marketers the most granular performance reporting, most comprehensive conversion modeling, and the most actionable reporting (including cohorts and ROAS). Singular’s Secure-SKAN ensures every SKAdNetwork result is legitimate and fraud-free.

Fraud prevention designed by the world’s foremost cyber-security experts.

Singular’s Fraud Prevention utilizes more prevention methods than any other MMP to catch the most fraud and save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Singular’s Fraud Prevention acts in real-time to block fake impressions, clicks, installs, and conversions pre-attribution. This alleviates time-consuming reconciliation with partners and ensures fraudsters never get paid.

All your data, delivered to where you need it, in one fully-managed pipeline.

Load mobile attribution data, web attribution data, cross-platform tracking, ad revenue, and upper-funnel data like cost, creatives, and bids. Singular Data Destinations writes aggregate and user-level data tables directly into your databases, storage solution, and reporting tools. Singular supports all leading databases including visualization tools like Tableau and Looker, and file-based storage tools like S3 and SFTP.

Singular has been the key to uncovering ROI across our entire customer journey, which powers us to intelligently grow our business. By utilizing Singular’s Attribution as part of its larger platform to unify the data across our entire marketing stack, we’ve gained access to unrivaled granularity to optimize against.

Kasim Zorlu
VP of Performance Marketing

Great and easy-to-use MMP with an excellent support team. Singular’s MMP packs additional features such as fraud prevention, cost aggregation and cross-device tracking all in one.

Bartosz Pyszny
Performance Media & MarTech Manager

Go beyond mobile app tracking. Get everything you need to accelerate growth.