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The industry’s leading SKAdNetwork unlocks deeper performance insights while staying 100% compliant.

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Deterministic and device-level attribution joined with campaign data unlocks ROI and LTV insights, based on ATT consent.

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Enable and optimize web-to-app user flows with our cross-platform measurement and powerful deep links.

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Singular SKAdnetwork Attribution

Powerful insights. No shady workarounds.

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Superior analytics

Unlock ROAS and cohorts for better decision making

Granular SKAdNetwork data meets the industry’s leading cost aggregation for reliable ROAS and cohort reporting.

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Centralized data

Establish a single source of truth for marketing data

Collect, standardize, and load all your siloed marketing data directly into your internal BI or reporting tools.

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Customized conversions

Identify the ideal conversion model for your app

Measure performance against the best early indicators for your unique business KPIs.

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Reliable, fraud-proof measurement and reporting

Get data you can trust and ensure your reporting is impossible to manipulate with additional layers of validation.

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Fully compliant

Ensure you’re fully compliant for complete peace-of-mind

Stay compliant with App Store policies and avoid risky solutions that incorporate fingerprinting and device graphs.

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The future of iOS Attribution: Visualizing the crossroads for mobile measurement

SKAdNetwortk is the future of iOS measurement, but that doesn't mean it's without limitations and gaps! At Singular we're dedicated to helping marketers prioritize user privacy whilst still filling in those data gaps by modeling missing SKAdNetwork data - giving marketers a complete picture of their SKAdNetwork performance.

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iOS 15: The endless evolution of app marketing

We just got the hang of iOS14.5, and guess what - the release of iOS 15 is on our doorstep! ironSource, MobileAction, Upptic, and Singular joined forces for an expert panel to get you up to speed and ready to hit the ground running.

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Under the Hood of Rovio's SKAdnetwork Setup

While the industry scrambles to adapt to the massive disruption that comes with the release of iOS 14.5, Rovio is leading the way in readiness. And they’re ready to share insights into their setup and results to help you get up to speed.

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Rovio futureproofs their growth with world-class talent and Singular’s SKAdNetwork solution

How do you get set up for post-IDFA success? Check out the first-ever SKAdNetwork case study which covers Rovio’s road to iOS 14 readiness and learnings from end-to-end testing.

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IDFA Deprecation: How to Prepare Now

Are you thinking about how to run user acquisition in a post-IDFA world? You're not alone. We're hosting a special AMA (ask me anything) webinar with experts from Lyft, Homa Games, and ironSource to help marketers prepare for user acquisition in iOS 14. We're hosting a special AMA (ask me anything) webinar with experts from Lyft, Homa Games, and ironSource to help marketers prepare for user acquisition in iOS 14.

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The Complete Guide to Marketing Measurement in iOS 14

Everything you need to ensure your team is successful in a post-IDFA world, including an iOS 14 readiness checklist, what to expect from your attribution provider, and details on how to get the most out of SKAdNetwork.


iOS 14 + Quick FAQs

Your questions about iOS14 and the IDFA deprecation answered

IDFA is the abbreviation for identifier for advertisers on Apple mobile devices (iPhones). You can think of an IDFA as somewhat analogous to an advertising cookie on the web, in that it enables an advertiser to get notified when a user of a phone has taken an action like clicking on their ad or installing their app.

  • iOS 14 introduced a host of new privacy-centric features. Notably, it introduced two things:
    • App Tracking Transparency (ATT) – a new framework that prevents app developers from being able to access the iOS advertising ID (IDFA) without an explicitly opt-in by end-users
    • SKAdNetwork – Apple-supported and privacy-compliant attribution framework that app developers can use to measure app marketing efforts without the need to ask for ATT consent
  • App Tracking Transparency was excluded from the initial release of iOS 14.0 after Apple granted a period allowing advertisers additional time to consider the changes.
  • However, on January 27th, 2020, Apple announced that starting iOS 14.5, Apple will be requiring app developers to implement App Tracking Transparency to continue to access the IDFA. Advertisers will also need to comply with the updated User Privacy and Data Use policies.

The flow for testing SKAdNetwork differs for Advertisers and Publishers. Advertisers, Singular has got you covered. Once you update your Singular SDK with SKAdNetwork support, you can choose your first ad network to test the end-to-end solution with. Singular will manage every step of the process, from conversion values to collecting and enriching SKAdNetwork postbacks.

In order to make sure that we give you a complete picture of how to test SKAdNetwork and offer our support, we’ve published this blog post with a step-by-step  testing guide.


SKAdNetwork currently supports campaign and publisher level granularity (the SKAdNetwork postback contains both the campaign ID and the source app ID). Partners are building innovative ways to encode more information and granularity into the SKAdNetwork campaign IDs (1-100)

For example, networks can encapsulate their outward-facing campaign and creative IDs into one value of SKAdNetwork campaign ID. We are working closely with ad partners on building an integration to get a mapping between their SKAdNetwork campaign IDs to their outward-facing marketing params. This information can be used to build various performance reporting for our customers.

The SKAdNetwork framework introduces a deterministic way to validate installs but also some new risks. To validate installs MMPs as an unbiased facilitators should collect all the SKAdNetwork postbacks on behalf of the advertisers, validate their signed signatures, and dedup by their transaction IDs to avoid double counting.

Currently, a limitation of the SKAdNetwork framework is that the conversion value and the geo information are not signed and can therefore be tampered with. To solve that, we published our secure SKAdnetwork solution which collects the SKAdNetwork postbacks directly from the device before any fraudulent activity can happen.

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