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Universal Links

What are Universal Links?

The first thing to realize about Universal Links is that they’re not universal. They’re iOS-specific, and not relevant for Android. 

They are basically deep links, but they are built around an idea that Apple has developed for aligning website content with app content, such that the same link will take someone to a specific location in your app, or a specific page on your website, depending on what is available and what they’ve chosen in the past. So the same link works every time, whether a person has your app installed or not.

To enable universal links for your app, you need to enable “associated domains” in your Apple developer account, plus add some code to your website, and implement an API in your app.

Once that’s done, however, Singular Links work exactly as you’d expect them to without any additional configuration or hassle. And while universal links can in some cases break marketing measurement, Singular Links automatically handle tracking without loss of data.

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