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Android App Links

What are Android App Links?

Android App Links are in some ways the Android equivalent of Universal Links on iOS. Like Universal Links, Android App Links are intended to give users the best possible experience when following a link: the content they want in the richest and best format available.

Android App Links are deep links that will get you to specific content or screens in an app. But App Links will also default to a web view of the desired content if you don’t have the app installed. And Android App Links specifically designate which app should be the default handler, whereas standard deep links could potentially be opened by any app that can handle the declared intent.

Android App Links use HTTP URLs that are related to a website you own, so developers do have to verify ownership of that domain. Once you’ve set that up, the link will open that site, or, if the person clicking the link has installed your app, the link will open your app.

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