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Connected TV advertising

What is connected TV advertising?

Also referred to as CTV marketing, connected TV advertising is a type of advertising that targets consumers through their internet-connected or smart TV set. This can also include advertising through internet-connected gaming consoles, streaming devices, and other smart TV platforms.

Connected TV is becoming an umbrella term for multiple related but not identical forms of content delivery:

  • Connected TV (of course)
  • Streaming media
  • Over-the-top (OTT)
  • Smart TV

Similar to other forms of digital advertising, CTV advertising can target specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, and past viewing habits. Unlike many social media channels, CTV advertiser also enables marketers to reach an engaged audience that stays on the platform for longer periods of time compared to other devices … and has almost 100% view completion rates.

How to measure CTV ads with Singular?

Measure CTV advertising right alongside all your other marketing …

How do marketers use connected TV advertising?

Marketers use CTV advertising to reach specific audiences through targeted programmatic ads. Specifically, marketers use programmatic connected TV ads to automatically place ads based on the viewers demographics, interests and other targeting options. Marketers can also use CTV ads to target specific geographic areas with relevant local offers. 

In addition, CTV advertising is used for video-on-demand (VOD) advertising, in which advertisers place ads within streaming content. Since there are so many smart TV sets in the market today, many brands use this channel for larger brand awareness campaigns.

Regardless of which targeting or content type is used, since CTV ads are seen on internet-connected devices, this means there is a high level of measurement and data available to analyze and optimize their CTV marketing campaigns. In order to maximize the performance of CTV advertising campaigns, marketers use marketing analytics and attribution providers like Singular.

How does Singular facilitate CTV advertising?

As a leader in marketing analytics, Singular enables marketers to achieve the highest ROI possible on their CTV advertising with granular performance insights. As highlighted in our guide on CTV advertising:

The post-pandemic years will be the golden age of ad-supported connected TV as the streaming media ecosystem switches from a blue-ocean go-get-em new customer acquisition phase to a red-ocean hyper-competitive go-win-em model.

…Targeting on CTV can use first-party data that platforms gather on your viewing behavior, or it could use prior purchase or search data, potentially, in the case of Amazon or YouTube. But targeting on CTV is more likely to be via demographics, geotargeting, income targeting, and other household parameters. 

In summary, Singular provides marketers the insights they need on their CTV advertising campaigns that drive data-driven decision-making. Specifically, these insights can be used to improve performance at every level of the campaign, including targeting, creative and more.

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