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Active user

What is an active user?

An active user is someone who is using your mobile app. Typically, mobile marketers treat active users as a critical measure of how well their app is engaging users and/or customers.

Active users can be measured daily, weekly, or monthly, giving you three common metrics:

  • Daily Active Users (DAU)
  • Weekly Active Users (WAU)
  • Monthly Active Users (MAU)

The most common are daily active users and monthly active users.

Counting active users by a period like a week or a month is important because most apps don’t monetize well on single or infrequent usage. Most apps monetize better when users engage frequently, or at least regularly. An app with high daily active users can monetize with advertising or with in-app purchases. An app with high monthly active users but poor WAU or DAU likely isn’t a good candidate for ad monetization or in-app purchases.

Apps with high daily active users are highly engaging, and likely have high retention, superior user lifetime value (LTV), and superior monetization.

DAU and MAU are relative to vertical, however. You would not expect to find a banking app with high daily active users. But if your casual game doesn’t have good weekly active users, you likely have a problem.

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