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We switched to Singular from another platform, and the transition has been seamless. It was intuitive to start using and has quickly allowed us to track the data of our games quickly and effectively. The experience has been enhanced by the excellent customer support we have received.
Mert Cevheroğlu
User Acquisition Manager

What is Ciao Games?

Within the MAF framework, Ciao Games thrives as a mobile games publisher, offering stress-free publishing opportunities. Its approach involves fair revenue sharing, a positive stance on game testing, in-house player acquisition, and a commitment to data transparency.

MAF, formerly known as myAppFree, initially began as an app designed for discovering new apps. While the app gained popularity with numerous downloads and users, it struggled to generate revenue. When starting to look at mobile advertising networks, they realized that those in existence at the time did not cater to smaller clients. This led to MAF’s transformation into a mobile advertising network, with a strong emphasis on discovery-based advertising solutions, specifically those that empower companies to only pay for an engaged audience.

Ciao Games – MAF was founded to strengthen MAF in the mobile gaming sector. Its main aim is to help studios test and revitalize existing IPs while giving development teams creative freedom.

Today, Ciao Games serves as a game publisher while MAF focuses on user acquisition and monetization solutions for clients.

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The Ciao Games Challenge

Ciao Games was previously using another MMP but they felt they needed better tracking efficiency and analysis of their marketing data.

Mert Cevheroğlu, User Acquisition Manager at Ciao Games – MAF, explains that as a publishing team that works with other studios, they run a number of different campaigns on the MAF site, alongside use of other networks and sources focused on CPA campaigns. This means a lot of coordination and they need very clear reporting to keep everything clear.

He also mentions how crucial it is for them to be able to pull all of their data into their own BI tool so that they could track KPIs against the different CPI campaigns.

Why Singular?

After a thorough industry evaluation, Ciao Games chose Singular for the

intuitive interface, seamless data tracking features, and great customer support. The integration of UA and admon data, coupled with the platform’s easy compatibility with our BI tools, made Singular the ideal choice to meet our specific needs.

Taking a step back, Mert explains that they had been using another MMP but had faced a number of challenges, particularly with the introduction of any new features.

It was extremely important to them that any new solution would seamlessly fetch the data and then present that data effectively on clear reporting dashboards.

What makes things complicated is that Ciao Games works with many different studios and games simultaneously and there are always a lot of tests in process.

What we loved about Singular was that it was intuitive, easy to add new games, add new studios, and get to work. We didn’t need to try to figure out complicated tools or time consuming processes.

Another win for the Ciao Games team is their performance visibility with the studios. “We loved that we’d be able to give our studios access to customized Singular dashboards to view their stats.’

The cherry on the top for the team was Singular’s ETL feature which allows the Ciao Games team to transfer their data to their own BI tools through a plug-and-play integration, allowing them to track their CPI campaigns and view their different KPIs in their own dashboards without the heavy lift of data engineering resources.

If you want an easy UI and intuitive MMP, while still enjoying custom and BI tools, it’s a no brainer. The dashboards and reporting tools are great and I can honestly say that they have the best customer support. Singular is the best option out there.
Mert Cevheroğlu
User Acquisition Manager

Getting Started With Singular

For the Ciao Games team, certain Singular features really stand out

Report and dashboard features have helped us to create our own custom views and manage our campaigns in the most accurate and effective way.

With the inclusion of “actual” and “LTV” metrics in our reports, we can consolidate and track diverse data for various purposes easily in one place.

Thanks to the easy configuration of Google Cloud, we can efficiently bring our data to our proprietary BI tool in the most accurate and fast way.

Singular’s data alerts and monitoring help us prevent excessive spending.

Additionally, the comprehensive ad monetization reports allow us to access and analyze all marketing efforts from a single platform.

Breaking out into some detail, Mert notes “with so many titles running simultaneously, being able to see all of the apps in the reporting screen and easily filter versus having to click into each app and navigating siloed data has been extremely helpful with our large app portfolios.”

On top of this, rather than looking at the performance on an app-by-app basis, Ciao Games has used Singular’s Custom Dimensions to group apps within their portfolio and view overall studio performance with personalized reporting dimensions.

Mert adds, “Our team has worked hard to tap into Singular’s holistic toolset to make their day-to-day more efficient. An example is their use of Singular’s robust customization to build a reference table to track store fees and account for the percentage divided between Apple and Google when looking at our performance KPIs.”

The Ciao Games team is also leveraging Singular’s unparalleled data access by sending all available data schemas, not just aggregate but rather aggregate, user level, and postbacks, to their BI for quick analysis.
“We’re testing a ton of networks all the time. And the seamless data integrations allow us to set up and test quickly.”

With all the above said, probably the most important aspect for Ciao Games has been the data accuracy. “We need to believe the data, our actions and the effects on the business depend on it. We simply cannot afford to not feel confident. We are able to make better decisions, the results are better, and our business is growing faster.”

As a UA manager I’m very happy working with Singular. The UI is better. I can easily share data with my colleagues. It’s just easier than the other MMPs

Ciao Games + Singular = Success

With some of our previous partners, we faced challenges with data flow to other MMPs. Singular resolved this issue, enabling us to collaborate more closely with these partners where necessary.

In instances where we wanted to collaborate with a partner not integrated with Singular, the Singular team promptly took action and facilitated the integration process for our partner.

Singular quickly addressed our needs and gives us fantastic customer support, enabling us to concentrate more effectively on our game profitability and operations.

Why Would You Recommend Singular?

I know how important customer support is. It can be so frustrating when something technical doesn’t work. The world is moving so quickly that you almost want your problems fixed a minute before they happen. The Ciao Games team is constantly very positive about the support from Singular and I think this is one of the most crucial aspects when recommending a tool to someone.
Nina Perik
Marketing Manager

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