81 generative AI marketing tools for mobile user acquisition pros

By John Koetsier July 20, 2023

Overwhelmed by the vast array of new generative AI marketing tools? Wondering which ones are the best for mobile marketers? What you need is a list of marketing-specific generative AI tools that you can use in your everyday working life.

Let’s be honest, though.

No one’s using 81 generative AI tools a day, just like none of your users, customers, or clients use 81 apps a day. But there’s likely 2 or 3 tools in here that will be just perfect for your tasks and workflow and will save you significant time and money.

Of course, I didn’t come up with this massive list of generative AI marketing tools by old-fashioned Googling. (That’s so 2010s.) I used GPT-4 and the There’s An AI For That plugin to generate most of this list. Plus, of course, a few that I know and use, and also a few that people have recommended to me.


Generative AI marketing tools

Need to generate creative ideas?
Here are some of the best generative AI tools for generating creative ideas. Just a quick note: I find them more useful as mind-expanders than actual perfect idea generators. Often we just need that idea out of far left field that will strike one particular synapse with a bolt of lighting and stimulate that perfect idea you needed.

One that isn’t here: GPT-4 from OpenAI. I often get great ideas from GPT-4.

  1. Idea Generator: Generated business and creative ideas for the web.
  2. Seenapse: Generates creative ideas.
  3. Amilliondollaridea: Innovative business ideas generator.
  4. Useconcept: Design and visualization of creative projects.
  5. Seowebsearch: Generated concepts for blog posts.
  6. Write with James: Advanced idea generator based on James Altucher’s notes.
  7. AI Suggests: Content creation and ideation.
  8. Design Sparks: Generate and browse design ideas on the web.
  9. Product Ideas Service by PWI: Generated hardware product ideas.
  10. Quilt & Create: Generates creative ideas through ideation.

Need to analyze data?

Here are some of the best generative AI tools for data analysis. Nothing beats a data scientist, of course, but getting time with one can be challenging. And even if you are a data scientist, do you really have all the time in the world to clean and normalize all your data and then also do all the analysis? Probably not. 

Use AI to do some of the heavy lifting.

  1. Sheet AI: Automate data analysis in Google Sheets.
  2. Flexberry AI Assistant: Categorizes requirements, generates project artifacts.
  3. Lookup: Instant data analysis and insights in plain language.
  4. Avanzai: Sped up financial data analysis using natural language.
  5. Batch GPT: Batch GPT for quick and easy data analysis.
  6. Meet Maya: Data analysis and decision making support.
  7. TableTalk: Natural language database querying.
  8. Nucila: Search engine for business data analysis.
  9. PredictEasy: No-code AI-based analytics platform.

Of course, if you have GPT-4, turn on the Code Interpreter. You’ll be able to upload data and get some pretty far-out insights from it.

Need help making ads?

Everyone needs help making ads, especially if you’ve already made about 10,000 of them and your mind is semi-fried from the long hard process. Here are some of the best generative AI tools for making ads. 

Again, like other generative AI marketing tools, use these to create concepts and ideas that you can take and perfect. Of course, if you get super lucky, you might get usable creative right out of the box. Or from the prompt …

  1. Clickable: Ad creation platform for multiple marketing channels.
  2. AdCreative: Ad creative generation for social media marketing.
  3. Ai-Ads: Optimized Google Ads for business advertising.
  4. Pencil: Varied ecommerce ads created.
  5. Memorable: Optimized ads for marketers through creation.
  6. Jot: Copywriting software for generating human-like ad copy.
  7. Poster Studio: Maximized ad ROI & engagement via creative generation.
  8. Adad: Product description generation in Hindi.
  9. Designs AI: Unified content creation for diverse users.
  10. AdswithAI: Personalized ad platform boosts e-commerce sales.

Need help making videos?

I make a lot of videos, and it takes a lot of time. If you don’t have that time, or don’t have an editor for the videos you do make, generative AI marketing tools are here to rescue you. 

Here are some of the best AI tools for making marketing videos:

  1. Boolvideo: Marketing video creation for e-commerce.
  2. Waymark: Custom commercials from imported business details.
  3. Oxolo: Product video creation for e-commerce businesses.
  4. BHuman: Personalized marketing videos.
  5. Maverick: Generated video marketing for ecommerce.
  6. MarketingBlocks AI: Creates high-level marketing assets.
  7. PEECH: Video editing and management for marketing teams.
  8. Lumen5: Creation of engaging videos for various industries.
  9. Steve AI: Customizable templates for professional videos.
  10. Briefly: Brief optimization for successful marketing.
  11. Create videos just from text

Need art for your app or website?

Who doesn’t? And working with your creative team can be tough … you need to submit a request via Monday or Asana, they probably want a creative brief and lots of details, and then everything still has to fit into a sprint at some point in the future … unless you’re the CEO and your requests go straight to the front of the queue.

Here are some of the best generative AI tools for creating art for mobile games or websites:

  1. Ai Art Generator: Mobile app that generates unique art from text inputs.
  2. TextureLab: An app for generating unique mobile wallpapers.
  3. 4AiPaw: Art creation through prompts and style selection.
  4. Glowbom: Generates cross-platform apps and games.
  5. Playarti: Creating customizable digital artwork.
  6. Color Pop AI: Coloring game with smart drawing suggestions.
  7. Iillustrate: Produce high-quality web and social illustrations.
  8. Wonder – AI Art Generator: An app allowing unique artwork creation on mobile.
  9. Unique QR code art for marketing & creativity.
  10. Imagine AI Art Generator: An app for creating art from user concepts.

I also get good results from Stable Diffusion, and I’ve used OpenAI’s Dall-E a few times with good results as well.

Need help managing user feedback or requests for help?

Customers! Can’t live without ‘em, can’t live with ‘em. 

What you do want to do, of course, if you have some customers and would like to keep them (money is good) is serve them well. Answer them. Respond to them, and give them the information they need when they need it, which is usually right away.

Generative AI marketing tools can help, but caveat emptor. 

No one likes automated phone systems, no one likes chatbots that can’t actually answer anything, and no one will like your generative AI customer service tool if it sucks. Maybe the best bet is to use these tools alongside your people.

Here are some of the best generative AI tools for automated customer service:

  1. Vee: Automated customer service for businesses.
  2. GetAnswer: Automated customer service for businesses.
  3. Simple Phones: 24/7 call management for business customer service.
  4. Kommunicate: Efficient personalized support automation and chatbot.
  5. Automatic Chat: Chatbot for instant customer support on websites.
  6. DigitalGenius: Automated eCommerce customer support.
  7. Certainly: Personalized conversational customer support and sales.
  8. Bubbly: Resolved customer queries for customer success teams.
  9. Get Customer: Assistant for customer support.
  10. Ioni: Automate and speed up customer support.

Need help building your app or game in the first place?

All the mobile marketing and user acquisition doesn’t even start if you haven’t built an app. 

How tiresome.

But AI to the rescue: here are some of the best AI tools for building apps. Just be aware that while there are a lot of tools and a lot of promises, none of them (or shall we be more polite and say few) deliver on their promises for mobile apps at least. There are more options for web apps, but generative AI solutions for mobile app development are still fairly rudimentary.

  1. Bappfy: Builds apps from websites.
  2. Toolbuilder: Custom apps created without coding skills.
  3. Buildai: Generate text interfaces rapidly.
  4. The Forge: Platform for creating & selling workflows.
  5. Chat2Build: Created and designed websites efficiently.
  6. Magic App Generator: Generate web apps fast with GPT Web App Generator.
  7. AppifyText: Platform for creating custom business applications.
  8. FoxyApps: Convert website visitors to leads using AI apps.
  9. Glowbom: Generates cross-platform apps and games.

Need to make better prompts for generative AI tools?

Why do we need humans at all? I mean, we can prompt our generative AI marketing tools, but why not ask AI for better prompts to feed into generative AI platforms? 

It’s very meta but also very useful since better prompts often result in the ridiculously incredible AI-generated art and other outputs that we’ll see from time to time on social media.

Here are some AI tools that can help you generate better prompts for generative AI tools:

  1. Promptify: Auto-prompts for creative ideas.
  2. Just Prompts: Optimizing user prompts for advanced output.
  3. Zenprompts: Prompt portfolios for efficient prompt engineering.
  4. Prompt.Cafe: Text prompt generator with categorized output.
  5. Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator: Generated realistic prompts for creative output.
  6. Prompt Club: Create prompts for developers and prompt engineers.
  7. GPT Cheat Sheet: Get ideas for better GPT-4 queries.
  8. Repromptify: Prompts optimized for model creation.
  9. Promptmakr: Art prompt discovery and networking.
  10. PromptPerfect: Optimizes language prompts with intuitive interface.

Marketing and generative AI

The good news for marketers: we still need you. The other good news for marketers: generative AI for marketing tools is getting better and better, and can provide solid support for doing more than you ever thought possible, and quicker too.

But as with everything in a new, exploding, and super-hyped space, mentally prepare yourself to be bitterly disappointed at least 3 times for every WOW that escapes your mouth when you see the output of a generative AI tool.

It’s early. There are incredible generative AI marketing tools.

There’s also a lot of room for improvement.

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