Driving 400,000+ install growth in 4 months


WorkIndia drives 400,000+ install growth in 4 month

Our decision-making depends on data, and we must trust the data. With Singular, we have complete reliability. Singular integrates deeply in our system and significantly helps in our day-to-day decision making.
Soumil Rao
CX & Supply Acquisition Head at WorkIndia
  • 11%
    Improvement in cost per acquisition in a year
  • 400,000+
    Growth in installs over 4 months
  • 1
    Single view of all marketing performance

Who is Work India?

WorkIndia is India’s largest blue and gray-collar job portal with the purpose of “Providing Meaningful Livelihoods to 258 million Blue Collar Individuals of India”. It connects job seekers to employers offering employment opportunities across 50 categories like computer operators, telecalling professionals, housekeeping, delivery executives, etc.
WorkIndia has built a proprietary, AI-enabled technology platform that empowers blue and gray-collar job seekers to find jobs that match their skillset without any human intervention.

The platform caters to the critical hiring needs of over 150k SMBs and multiple large corporates. With more than 187k job listings, WorkIndia empowers 100k Indians monthly by helping them find meaningful jobs. Additionally, the mobile application is available in 10 regional languages covering over 85% of spoken languages across the country.

  • Founded in
  • Businesses posting jobs for hiring per month
  • People served monthly
    1.2 million
  • Interview applications per month
    3 million

The WorkIndia Challenge

Key challenges:

– 400,000+ active daily users
– No visibility into actual spend and ROI
– Forced to trust reporting from the ad networks

WorkIndia works by having employees post requirements, and then candidates download the app, create a profile and see a curated list of jobs. Algorithms handle all relevancy screening and matching. The company has 400,000+ active daily users using its services.

The company’s primary platform is Android, particularly on the job-seeker side. “When we started focusing on growth, we started spending on marketing channels like Google, Facebook, and a few other platforms, and it became increasingly difficult to understand the ROI – how much we were really spending and how much return we saw from all these platforms. We needed a very clear view of where our traffic and installs were coming from,” said Soumil Rao, CX & Supply Acquisition Head at WorkIndia.

“The real height of need came around COVID time when we started spending a lot and questioning where we were putting our marketing dollars and trying to see if we could optimize.
Until then, it had mostly been a black box trusting what Google and Facebook were telling us, so we could not take decisive actions regarding optimizing our ad spend. We knew we needed accurate attribution information,” said Soumil.

Why Singular?

Soumil explains that when looking at new technologies to implement at WorkIndia “we always evaluate:
– Whether it serves the business use case
– Whether it is the most cost-effective option
– Whether it could be built internally and if it would be worthwhile
It didn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel, so we started looking for a solution.
While we evaluated several other options, Singular met more of our needs and was the most cost-effective.”

The Singular Solution

Singular is deeply integrated into our system. Measuring ROI is a critical, daily activity, so Singular is indispensable”, Soumil says.

WorkIndia’s primary use case is “to know and reliably attribute where mobile installation traffic came from.” 

As an extension of the attribution use case, the company has also begun to explore acquisition channels beyond Google and Meta, namely “additional programmatic and affiliate ad vendors who often don’t have sufficient dashboards or provide proper visibility.” 

The problem is that when testing or using these platforms, “we need a source of truth to agree upon that they brought the traffic that they say they do.”
As Singular works with all these vendors and can quickly and easily integrate with them,  the performance reports are readily available and “makes the process really easy.”

To keep budgets focused on legitimate users and maintain an accurate view of channel performance, the company has also emphasized its need for fraud detection and prevention.

“Singular helps to keep a check on this activity as we expand our ad channels. Singular immediately alerts us (automatic alerts) so that we can keep up to date with what’s happening, catch any activity early, and immediately notify our partners accordingly.”
Soumil adds that in some cases, agreements with these ad vendors are around the basis of what fraud rejection percentage and organic poaching percentage is acceptable, and if the number falls beyond that, then the contract is void.

Soumil says that WorkIndia is now focused on “optimizing conversions that are deeper in the funnel.” He explains that job seekers need to find a job, that’s their sole purpose, but the company needs to look at how they can optimize to monitor the performance of different events leading up to that. “Singular helps to streamline our work and help us to better understand the quality of traffic coming in from various vendors. This means running pilots with different vendors with postbacks for specific events made by the job seeker and payment connected directly to a specific postback event.”

Overall, “Singular helps us optimize performance quality – not just for affiliate vendors but also for Google, Meta, and all other ad partners. We gain campaign I level data and can make decisions on cost per conversion rather than per install or sign up.”

WorkIndia + Singular = Success

Soumil stated that “in so much of what we’ve done, Singular has been a crucial enabler and at the crux of most of our activity.”

He does note that they have seen a significant improvement of 11% in cost per acquisition in a year and are planning for a further 7%. “We have been able to do this thanks to optimizations across various acquisition channels.
For expensive channels, we either brought the cost per acquisition down or reduced the share of expensive channels. We almost entirely depend on Singular to do this.

Soumil also attributes Singular with helping WorkIndia grow by 400,000+ installs in 4 months and to reduce remarketing spend significantly.

They also manage to capture all of the data that Singular provides and can join it with their internal business data for a full business performance view. “This not only makes day-to-day reporting very easy but helps to drive exploratory analysis that really unlocks powerful insights”


Key benefits:

– Improvement of 11% in cost per acquisition in a year
– Growth of 400,000+ downloads in 4 months
– Combining of Singular data with internal business data for full performance view

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