Customer and user data security and privacy at Singular

By Eran Friedman September 26, 2022

Sometimes the things you think don’t need to be said, need to be said.

Singular is a marketing analytics partner operating in the age of privacy. We have been in that age for some time, and the demands for privacy as well as data security and integrity are only increasing. That’s why it’s important to not only take the responsibility of holding our customers’ data very seriously, but also recognize how important it is legally and ethically to ensure that our customers’ customers — the people using their apps and games, or buying their services or products — are treated with the same respect.

That means:

  • Our customers’ data is theirs, not ours
  • We never sell or disclose or rent our customers’ data to third parties
  • We minimize how much data we collect for the specific legal and authorized purposes our customers have
  • We hold all data in secure, private storage
  • We delete data in accordance with legal and partner requirements 
  • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • We are a member of the PRIVO Kids Privacy Assured Program for COPPA Safe Harbor Certification and GDPRkids, and fully comply with GDPR

These kinds of commitments are why we were first to market with a mobile attribution solution for Apple’s privacy-preserving SKAdNetwork. They’re why we are working on technology for Google’s Privacy Sandbox for Android and Privacy Sandbox for Web, and why we’re committing ourselves to the concept of hybrid measurement, which uses multiple privacy-safe technologies in conjunction to generate accurate and actionable marketing signal in the absence of old-school unpermissioned technology-based tracking.

They’re also why we never developed any kind of data clearinghouse to share/rent/sell user data. And why — back when it was feasible — we never built a device graph to correlate data on the phones, tablets, and computers that engaged with our clients’ advertising or marketing campaigns. 

Our goal is simple: help our clients grow faster than their competition.

Since growing is hard to do when major partners or platforms get concerned about potentially questionable data practices, or authorities start investigations, we ensure we achieve our goal through legal, ethical, and compliant means.

If you have any questions about data integrity, storage, use, or compliance, please feel free to contact your Singular representative, or me personally.

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