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3Q Digital powers faster, smarter growth for clients

By Saadi Muslu October 17, 2019

We got the chance to sit with 3Q Digital’s Director of Mobile Strategy, Sophia Fen, to discuss how they drive meaningful growth for their clients with a scientific approach founded on accurate, granular and timely performance insights.




Hi there. I’m Sophia Fen and I’m an Associate Director of Mobile Strategy at 3Q Digital.

3Q Digital is a full-service digital advertising agency. We have a variety of offerings but I sit on the mobile apps team. We help our clients build user acquisition programs, mobile app store strategy.

Marketing Intelligence Platform

At 3Q we use Singular for our client’s marketing attribution and analytics. We use it as a cost aggregation tool. We use it for fraud prevention, as well as building audiences for both suppression and re-engagement.

Automatic Data Transformation = Speed to Insights

I think coming from the programmatic webspace I was so used to marrying the front end metrics, like cost, in the DSP along with the backend metrics from the ad server in an Excel report. So having it all in one place in one platform really allows us to make real-time optimizations pulling reports and kind of analyzing the data much easier.

Granularity to maximize return

For our clients having that really granular publisher level data has helped us work with our partners to optimize. For example, bidding up on app inventory sources that we see great performance on, maybe blacklisting app sources that we see as potentially fraudulent or just not wanting to show up on for brand safety reasons.

Industry-leading Fraud Prevention

Another marketing challenge big in today’s world is definitely mobile fraud. So being able to reject postbacks in real-time is key.

Scaling Up

I think as our clients look to really scale testing new partners new channels new markets having that single source of truth is really important and having the fraud prevention tool, the audience capabilities in place, really lets us scale really successfully and much faster if we did not have it.

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