21 genius ways to defeat the recession, thanks to mobile marketing all-stars

By John Koetsier December 12, 2022

Looking for ways to defeat the recession?

Every creative marketer occasionally has that agonizing moment when you need something more. Some spark. Some flash-bulb moment. Some burst of inspiration straight from the heavens. Sometimes, during dry spells, it’s more than a moment. Sometimes it’s an hour, or a day. Hopefully, it’s never a week!

The creativity you need for success in growth marketing isn’t just for ads or campaigns or offers. It’s also about new tactics to grow, new strategies for better engagement or monetization. Or maybe new insights into channels that you haven’t yet tapped. Essentially, it’s anything in the realm of marketing.


Today is that day.

It’s not easy street any more

Let’s be honest: it’s a tough time right now. Budgets are a little iffy. The economy isn’t amazing. Inflation is still slamming people’s paychecks, and the supply chain is still a little kinked up. Add to that signal loss due to privacy changes and angst due to having to learn new methods of targeting, attribution, and optimization, and 2023 might look a little bearish. We need ways to defeat the recession.

We can see that in the data, having recently compiled anonymous and aggregated data from a small subset of Singular customers with 6 billion installs and 2 trillion clicks over the past year. 

And spend is definitely trending down:

ways to defeat the recession

Installs are also down. 

It’s important to note that this seems to be a reversion to the pre-Covid mean, which is still on an overall upward trend. But that’s hard to verify right now. What we do know for sure is that the current direction is down.

So let’s beat that bear.

21 tactics in 7 categories: ways to defeat the recession

We’ve gathered 21 tactics from leaders in marketing and mobile growth. My guess is that at least one will spark something in your marketer’s brain. Either it might be interesting in and of itself, or it might just kindle a creative idea that is entirely your own, but was buried too deep down for you to be consciously aware of it.

We’ve bundled these 21 tactics into 7 key challenges in our latest Essential Guide: Defeat the recession. The key challenges include:

  1. Challenge 1: Shrinking budgets
  2. Challenge 2: Plummeting monetization
  3. Challenge 3: Slumping marketing efficiency
  4. Challenge 4: Stagnating channels
  5. Challenge 5: Sagging conversion rates
  6. Challenge 6: Fading retention
  7. Challenge 7: Plunging virality

Those tactics come from conversations with some of the top mobile marketers in the world, from growth leaders at companies like Hello Fresh, Flo, FlipaClip, Pixel United, Qiiwi Games, Scopely, and Rovio. 

They’re also from globally-known user acquisition consultants such as Thomas Petit, or leaders at massive megabrands like Bayer, or agencies like Appinventiv. And some are from mobile intelligence companies like, or ecosystem technology providers like CleverTap.

Each one just might be a key you need to unlock massive growth in 2023. Alternatively, just one might stimulate an idea that does the same. Either way, you’re a step ahead.

And all together, we hope they are ways to defeat the recession for you and your app.

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Beat the bear and get 21 genius ideas on defeating the recession, all in our new guide.
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