Snapchat’s Advanced Conversions: close the gap between user privacy and marketing measurement

By Kelsey Lee September 9, 2021

Privacy is the name of the game

Snapchat made a splash when they decided early on to present iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency prompt to its users. Back in March Snapchat and Singular jointly announced that the partnership was ready to support SKAdNetwork measurement ahead of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) enforcement. Today, Snapchat is expanding on its privacy-centric approach with its Advanced Conversions, and Singular is proud to share that we fully support the new solution.


What is Advanced Conversions?

The industry-wide privacy focus has given more peace of mind to users but has also created challenges for marketers to prove their acquisition performance. Snapchat has answered that dilemma with Advanced Conversions. Built to ensure privacy and develop trust for both consumers and marketer, Advanced Conversions maintains the premium experience Snapchatters have come to expect, and preserves their ad tracking preferences, all while helping marketers hit their goals.

The Deets

  1. Advanced Conversions helps provide incremental privacy-centric, aggregate measurement for iOS users for a more complete picture of campaign performance. Android users and iOS users that have opted-in are exempt and will continue to have user-level targeting and tracking.
  2. Snapchat is leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques to measure aggregate conversion data without identifying any individual users.
  3. Reporting will result in aggregate records only, and cohort data will be reported by Snapchat daily, with a delay of up to 36 hours. Snapchat does not recommend decreasing your bids or the size of your targeted audience for up to 72 hours after an Ad Set launches.


How to get started?

Are you a Singular user? You’re in luck! Singular fully supports Snapchat’s Advanced Conversions today!

Singular’s long-standing expertise in cost aggregation unlocks this unique privacy-first data set for our Attribution and our Analytics clients. Our industry-leading marketing analytics solution offers numerous options for analyzing your Snapchat Advanced Conversion data side by side with your iOS Opt-In/Android conversions, cost, and SKAdNetwork data. Check out our aggregate reporting options: Singular Analytics UI Reporting, Singular Reporting API, and the Singular ETL.

We’ve partnered closely with Snapchat to ensure our MMP integration has all the necessary updates and does not require any additional steps to enable if you’ve already been running Snapchat campaigns with Singular.

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