Singular & N3TWORK: ‘great and passionate people behind great products’

By John Koetsier May 19, 2020

You can have the best marketing technology in the world. In fact, you NEED the best marketing technology in the world to really optimize for growth. But if you don’t also have the best people helping you get there, you’re only getting part of the way to your goals.

The technology is 100% necessary.

And so are the people.

And while no-one’s perfect, the global group of people that make up the Singular customer success team come incredibly close. We know that from a number of data points, but most recently thanks to a recent email from Nebojsa Radovic, who leads the user acquisition platform at N3TWORK. N3TWORK makes Legendary: Game of Heroes and last year launched the N3TWORK Scale Platform, which helps other game developers crush their marketing goals.

We asked Nebo if we could share his email. When you read it, you’ll understand why:

“Hi Singular friends,

I hope you are doing well in these, well, weird times and that you are safe and healthy. A good thing about working from home for me was getting more time to slow down and reflect on a lot of things. This includes thinking about some really amazing companies and people I have had a chance to meet and work with. You guys are, without a doubt, definitely one of them and I want to thank you for that. 

There is one special shout out though as I think a big part of that experience is working with Josh. This is why I thought it would be nice to reach out to you and share this feedback with you. He’s probably the best account manager I’ve ever worked with – in my career – and he made our Singular experience utterly delightful. It is an absolute joy to work with great and passionate people behind great products and he had a key role in this process. 

I am aware this is probably unexpected but I feel like customer success people get so little praise from their clients for the hard work they do. Instead, all they get is snarky and aggressive comments. I decided to change that for a bit. 

Hope you don’t mind the unsolicited feedback. He obviously has no idea about this. Stay safe and amazing dear Singular family.


No one demands that Singular customers succeed as much as our customer success team does. They work hard day-in and day-out to advocate for their customers, so getting this kind of recognition for their efforts is literally amazing. When it was shared in our main Slack channel, I couldn’t just like it and move on. It needs to be shared further, because it’s indicative of how Josh and every other member of our CS team give their blood, sweat, and tears to ensure that Singular clients get the absolute best that we can give them.

Nebojsa Radovic
Nebojsa Radovic, N3TWORK

That’s especially true right now, as we’re still facing massive marketing changes thanks to COVID-19. And it’s something that clients like DraftKings and Zynga have also learned.

I took a bit of time to chat with Josh Pancoe, who Radovic specifically referenced. Josh leads Singular’s U.S. customer success team (we also have teams in EMEA, APAC, and India) and here’s what he had to say:

John: Why was this particular client so happy?

Josh: Our CS team is always customer first. I’m incredibly proud of the fact that we strive to be an extension of their org/team through all facets of our partnership, and Nebo was awesome/gracious enough to share his feedback. I can tell you that every single person on the US team and globally in EMEA, India, and APAC consistently produces at the same level of excellence and I know that our customers see that every day.

John: What are the toughest challenges that clients face?

Josh: The marketing landscape moves at a rapid pace, which demands that our customer’s tools, services and resources evolve at the same or higher rate. So many variables are at play managing and operating complex marketing infrastructures, and the challenges are endless really. It would be reductive to just boil it down to attribution and data collection. We’re focused on trying to simplify their challenges as best we can and maintain a proactive approach. 

John: It has to be stressful at times, because this is really high leverage and some clients are running at hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing spend … how do you keep a level head?

Josh: I don’t think this is ever about budgets, spend, monthly active users, etc. Singular deals with customers of various shapes and sizes where the scale can be massive but it’s not the primary focus at the end of the day. Our team always does whatever we can to ensure that they are getting the most value out of Singular and our partnership. That’s in the current iteration of our product, as well as how we can continue to evolve in the future to meet their needs.

John: What’s your goal in every customer encounter?

Josh: That my clients know that we are always their biggest advocates (internal and external), no matter what the context or scenario.


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