Mobile re-engagement: Singular, Google, & Rappi deliver the definitive webinar

By John Koetsier September 18, 2019

Singular is hosting a webinar on mobile re-engagement with Google and Rappi, an on-demand delivery startup, on October 9th.

Mobile marketers used to focus solely on user acquisition. Re-engagement entered the picture years ago, but the tools and techniques have not been great. That means many of even the best marketers struggled to measure re-engagement ROI.

That’s changed. The tools — like Singular — have gotten better. And today the focus is lifcycle optimization.

Webinar presenters

Fiona Ryan
Global Product Lead for App Re-engagement,
re-engagement webinar
Santiago Diaz
User Acquisition Manager,
re-engagement webinar
John Koetsier
VP Insights,
re-engagement webinar

Webinar content

In this webinar, we’ll talk about how the best mobile apps grow faster and smarter by re-engaging their users.

Google’s global product lead for apps, Fiona Ryan, and on-demand platform Rappi’s top marketer Santiago Diaz will chat with me about key questions on re-engagement, including:

  • How do you drive app business growth with re-engagement campaigns?
  • What are the top channels & best practices for re-engagement success?
  • When is the best time in the user lifecycle to run re-engagement campaigns?
  • How do you measure re-engagement ROI and other key performance metrics?

We’ll chat about the three pillars of lifecycle management, where re-engagement should fit in the mobile marketer’s toolbox, and how to set up a mobile re-engagement campaign for success. We’ll also talk about the optimal channels for re-engagement campaigns, and how to message users in those campaigns.

Other topics include

  • Timing
  • Success factors
  • Failure factors (!)
  • Appropriate budget allocation percentages
  • Trends in different geographies

In addition, Fiona Ryan will talk about Google’s new campaigns for re-engagement, provide some best practice tips, and talk about how mobile marketers are succeeding.

How do you get all this insight?

Register for the webinar here.

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