3 Ways to Break Through the Noise with Kickass Creatives

By Kelsey Lee August 30, 2021

Ad creatives – it’s often the first interaction a user has with your app and brand. It draws users in and/or provides a snapshot into the user experience. It can determine whether that user will click through your ad and hit the install button or ignore it completely. Ultimately, creative optimization is the first step to acquiring a cohort with high LTV.

With ad creatives being such a pivotal part of the user experience, how do you capture that prospective users’ attention and break through the noise? There are so many directions to take with building creatives; how do you know what works and what doesn’t? How do you ensure you have the correct data to inform your creative iteration with limited team resources? These are real challenges that creative and marketing teams across industries are facing.

We chatted with some of our favorite Customers and Partners to bring you the insights your team needs to scale your creative footprint and produce creatives that perform! Here are three ways to focus your efforts in building kickass creatives

  1. Build Distinct Creatives that shake things up and drive results.
  2. a. Naor Itzhak, Playtika’s Marketing Director, introduced a new concept that generates impressive growth and value. Brand and Performance marketing are two concepts we’re all familiar with, but what happens when you merge the values of these very different marketing styles? Playtika has coined it: brandformance:

    i. Leverage the brand marketing mindset to launch campaign creatives centered around brand-rich elements, awareness, broadly targeted audiences, and patience. Merge these concepts with the performance marketing-driven attributes and constant optimization to get Playtika’s winning strategy. These are strategies marketers everywhere are using individually, but Playtika has found that brandformance forward creatives are out-performing the individual traditional concepts. For example, they leaned into creatives focused on “humor” that invoke laughter or creatives that highlight a sense of competition between different well-known influencers.


    b. Vungle’s Creative Labs team also takes a unique approach to building creatives that depart from familiar and tried-and-true strategies. Gavin McNicholl, the Global Head of Production at Creative Labs, walked us through the emerging strategy of atypical and blended creatives. Atypical creatives highlight user experiences that do not represent core gameplay or app experience, while blended creatives mix core and atypical elements. This strategy sets creatives apart and scales the performance of upper-funnel metrics. However, as Gavin calls out, if you veer too far from your core experience, you could negatively impact your down funnel metrics. Creative testing is key to unlocking the right balance and identifying what creative elements you should test.


  3. Design creatives that resonate in your market with Hyperlocalization.
  4. a. Localized, culturally relevant creatives can help a company expand into new markets and power global scale. Dave Sousa, the Content Coordinator at Etraveli, employs hyperlocalized creatives to connect with regionalized audiences. Focus on language, culture, and market-specific trends to localize your efforts. Dave’s team knows that 75% of non-English speaking audiences won’t interact with content that’s not in their native language. They saw 10-15% incremental lift directly attributed to localizing their efforts and focusing on language within their creatives.

  5. Accelerate creative testing to Empower Fast Iteration.

a. Successful teams encourage ideation and have the infrastructure to iterate on new concepts as quickly. Keeping controls within your iteration and focusing on a specific element can enable more effective A/B tests. This allows you to hone in on key concepts and get the best performing creatives into circulation faster. Liz Lauer-Lopez, Singular’s Director of Product Advocacy, discussed how Singlar’s Creative Analytics tool allows teams to quickly visualize creatives and their performance in a side-by-side reporting view, empowering efficient, creative iteration.


b. All of our speakers highlighted distinct strategies that require strong creative segmentation. Marketers can leverage Singular’s programmatic grouping functionality or tag assets manually to view creatives by specific attributes or themes. This enables marketers to customize their creative data segmentation and identify what experimental elements are paying off.



Whether it be brandformance, atypical, or hyperlocalized elements that you decide to try, you need to analyze both upper funnel and down funnel metrics to gauge performance. Singular’s creative reporting provides all the key granularities you leverage for normal campaign optimizations, plus all necessary creative breakdowns. To bring an additional level of sophistication to your analysis, you can use Singular to view your actual assets; texts, images, and videos, and the ROI they are driving.

Want to explore the only tool that powers you to visualize ad assets and their performance in a side-by-side view? Schedule a demo with one of our product experts today!

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