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How to Build Kickass Creatives


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Engaging creatives are critical to running successful campaigns, and many believe it'll be even more important post-IDFA. But creative optimization can be challenging - there's a slew of formats, variations, and channels to test, and difficulties understanding what result an ad drove.

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring industry experts and top marketers from Playtika, Etraveli, Vungle, and Singular  who share their tips and best practices for kickass creatives, including:

Tips for effective creative optimization

How to optimize for growth, not just views or installs 

How creative optimization will change post-IDFA

Creative trends to test in 2021

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John Koetsier

Senior contributor

Gavin McNicholl
Global Head of Vungle Creative Labs

Naor Itzhak
Creative Marketing Director


How to Build Kickass Creatives

Liz Lauer-Lopez
Business Development Director

Dave Sousa
Localization and Content Lead