Custom product pages: Boost organic app installs in iOS15 and beyond

By Kelsey Lee December 8, 2021

The wait for Custom Product Pages (CPP) and Product page Optimization (PPO) is over! This summer at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC21) the two new features were announced to come later this year. These features are now being rolled out in App Store Connect (ASC) for developers and marketers alike to start enhancing their product page experience. App store optimization (ASO) isn’t a new concept, but the App Store’s ASO rules have changed significantly with the introduction of these two new capabilities.

Quick Recap: Product Pages

Product pages are landing pages for a mobile app that correlates to the relevant store an app is distributed and published on; i.e. the App Store or the Google Play Store. Each product page consists of different messaging and visual creatives that help convey the most impactful elements of the app. The addition of the Custom Product Page and Product Page Optimization features is a significant change for Apple, change that ASO experts have been asking for for years. Let’s take a closer look at the details and changes introduced with these two new product features.

Custom product pages: Boost organic app installs in iOS15 and beyond

1. Custom Product Pages

Custom Product Pages are a new capability that will allow marketers to customize up to 35 different product pages in addition to their original product page by experimenting with different app icons, screenshots, and app preview elements. Each product page will have a unique URL that will be valuable when customizing pages to specific audiences for targeted campaigns. Paid marketing and user acquisition efforts will greatly benefit from the flexibility and increased audience segmentation this will bring to App Store product pages.

2. Product Page Optimization

Product Page Optimization is a new feature that will enable app developers to test the effectiveness of their product page and perform tests to find the optimal product page “treatment”. App developers will be able to run 90 day PPO tests that will test 3 different “treatments” or variations of the original product page. Additional capabilities allow control over the traffic split to the 3 variations and the original product page, as well as the ability to include or exclude variations in tests with localized app pages. App developers will be able to customize and update the same elements that can be updated with Custom Product Pages to see how their organic users engage with their different product page variations.

Product Pages can be created directly within AppStore Connect or by using the App Store Connect API. Impressions, downloads, conversion rates, retention, and avg. proceeds per paying user will be available for all app product pages in App Analytics. Any new assets being introduced to a product page customization does need to be approved by Apple, so coordinating app releases will become key to this new workflow.

Why you should be excited

By partnering with Singular, Custom Product Pages are supported out of the box with our flexible Singular Links! We’re lucky to provide mobile attribution solutions for apps of all sizes; from the App Store chart-toppers to teams just launching their first apps. It’s clear that all app developers and marketers welcome the opportunities that Custom Product Pages and Product Page Optimization brings! These features mean access to new marketing tools that can differentiate an app from the competition and optimize the top-of-funnel user experience. The main purpose of these features is to experiment and test App Store product pages that highlight different features and content from your app. Because the Custom Product Pages boast a unique URL per page, marketers are enabled to really hone in on the optimal messaging and visuals for different audiences in specific campaigns. It’s super simple to integrate the unique URL for a Custom Product Page as the redirect destination for a Singular Link. With MMP and Custom Product Page collaboration, ASO will become a more deeply ingrained part of UA strategy and can unlock higher conversion rates from more engaged users. Ultimately, in the future we foresee Product Page ASO solidifying its position as a crucial lever for sophisticated marketers.

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