How to lead your company’s data revolution in 4 steps

By Maria Breaux May 19, 2020

There’s more data available to marketers than ever before, and that’s great! But most of us aren’t data scientists. So how can marketers learn to make sense of such a rich source of information and use it to grow their business?

It’s all about making that data work for you; being able to access it all and transform it into insights. Becoming a revolutionary marketing leader is all about taking a data-driven approach to executing and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Building your data revolution

We’ve put together resources for marketers wanting to implement a full data strategy in their organization and revolutionize the way they do business. With these tools, we’ll share How to lead your company’s data revolution.

We partnered with App Growth Summit to put together an on-demand webinar where you’ll hear our VP of Marketing, Barbara Mighdoll, interview Vivek Girotra, Former Director of Performance Marketing at FoxNext (currently Senior Marketing Director at Elevate Labs) and Jon Lau, Programmatic Lead, Digital Growth at DraftKings. You’ll hear from these experts about how they leverage the power of data to achieve growth.

Also download our tip sheet for full information on how to lead your company’s data revolution in just 4 steps:

  1. Map your data sources. Determine where you need to collect data from, and what you need to measure and analyze.
  2. Build a data infrastructure. Standardize all of your campaign data from ad partners. Tie all of your standardized campaign data back to attribution/conversion data to understand the true impact of your ad campaigns via robust cost aggregation capabilities.
  3. Visualize and analyze performance. Use a marketing analytics tool that’ll provide a complete view across all channels, and allow you to easily visualize and pivot your data.
  4. Democratize your data. Establish a single source of truth for all of our marketing data.

Register today to watch the on-demand webinar and get the tip sheet!

How Singular can help with your data revolution

To learn more, schedule a demo with us. We’ll show you how to navigate the steps needed to revolutionize your marketing programs.


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