How to leverage custom product pages for Apple Search Ads

By Buse Kanal September 11, 2023

In December 2021, Apple launched custom product pages (CPPs), which dramatically revolutionized how brands reach and engage users. However, many app marketers still don’t know how to fully take advantage of custom product pages.

You can actually leverage CPPs to improve your Apple Search Ads (ASAs) campaigns. Read on to find out how.

What are custom product pages?

Custom product pages (CPPs) are customized landing pages within the App Store. They are alternative versions of your main product page. You can create up to 35 custom product pages that highlight specific features of your app and showcase the latest updates and developments.

Custom Production Pages on the App Store

CPPs focus on a certain aspect of your app, so you can personalize each page to deliver specific messages to your audience. This segmentation and tailored messaging helps move buyers down the funnel and increases the likelihood of downloading your app.

You can choose different promotional text, screenshots, and app previews for your custom product pages. Once you’re done creating your CPP, you get a unique URL for it. Your CPP can only be accessed through its URL, which you can then add to your marketing campaigns.

How can you leverage custom product pages for Apple Search Ads?

You can boost the performance of your Apple Search Ads by integrating with your CPPs. When setting your ads, navigate to the ad group level and you’ll find the option to integrate CPPs with your ads.

You leverage ASA by creating ad variations and adding your CPP  unique link. By doing so, you divert traffic from your ads to your CPP rather than your default product page.

An example from Apple of Custom Product Pages in action
An example from Apple of Custom Product Pages in action

Here are some specific examples how you can leverage CPPs for Apple Search Ads:

1. Create a CPP for a specific keyword

Keywords play a major role in your app ranking and visibility in the App Store. If your niche is already saturated, you will have a hard time ranking for your desired keywords. Thankfully, custom product pages can help.

You can create a CPP with a specific keyword. For example, you have a video editing app and you want to target the keyword, “video transitions.” You can build a product page focused on video transition to make your page more relevant to your users’ search.

2. Create a product page for a specific aspect of your app

Your app probably comes with more than one feature. So we can talk about each feature one by one.

Let’s go back to our video editing app example. Your app’s features include the basic editing tools, transitions and effects, audio editing, video enhancement, collaboration and sharing, and AI-powered features. You can use custom product pages to talk about each of them.

Take the unique URL and add it on your Apple Search Ads. You can run an ad about video transitions and effects with your CPP’s URL, which makes your ad more relevant to your users.

3. Localize your custom product pages

In most cases, you won’t get the same results running your English ads in China or Spain because every country has a unique culture, social norms, and local trends. That’s why, in most cases, you don’t see the same results from different places when it comes to running your ads. You can’t expect to get as much results from China compared to the United States if your ad is in English.

CPPs play a major role in localization. Aside from using the right language, you can create pages that resonate with the culture of a specific place. For example, you can use screenshots that feature people wearing kimonos if you’re marketing in Japan. You can add an image or video of the Eiffel Tower if you’re targeting people in France.

4. Create product pages based on demography

What’s amazing about Apple Search Ads is that you can specifically target users based on their demographic data such as gender, age, and customer type. You can create a custom product page that targets male or female audience. You can have a product page for a younger audience. You can then connect that product page to your ads to get more results.

5. Test your custom product pages and ads

Since you can create up to 35 custom product pages, you have more opportunities to test the best combination of your visual assets and texts. For example, if you have different ideas on how to best display your screenshots, you can use CPPs to show various screenshots and run Apple Search Ads with those screenshots to compare the performance of your pages by looking at your data, you can determine which screenshots perform better. You can use this data to choose the best way to configure your default and custom product 

How do CPPs contribute to conversion optimization?

CPPs are highly personalized pages that send specific messages to your users. The personalization of your texts, screenshots, and videos make the page more relevant to your target audience.

app store connect

Studies show that when your page resonates with your audience directly, you can significantly increase your conversion rate. 

What are the key strategies for creating effective custom product pages?

If you intend to use custom product pages to leverage your ASA, you need to ensure that your CPPs are fully optimized for best results.

So, how do you create effective CPPs? Here are some of the key strategies to follow:

1. Write the relevant promotional text

One of the elements you can customize in your custom product page is the promotional text, which can be up to 170 characters long. Yes, it’s not much, but it is a great way for you to quickly highlight the feature you want to focus on.

You can also use promotional text to share the latest news or updates about your app, time-sensitive offers, and upcoming features.

2. Choose the right screenshots

Another element you can control in your custom product page is the screenshots. You can add up to 10 screenshots that capture the user interface of your app.

Remember to put your most important screenshot at the first slot since this is the first screenshot users will see. Since you are creating a custom product page, be sure that your screenshots reflect the specific feature you want to showcase.

3. Add an engaging app preview

Statistics show that app previews create more engagement in users compared to screenshots or texts. Thus, you should make sure that you add the best app preview to effectively reflect your specific message in a custom product page.

App previews are short, and can only last up to 30 seconds. The first five seconds are crucial. So, be sure that within that time frame, your app preview grabs attention and use video clips captured on the device.

4. Localize your content

Translate your page content. Use images or videos that reflect the culture, geography, and people of your target country.

Wrapping up

The App Store is filled with millions of apps all vying for people’s attention. The competition is fierce, but with Apple Search Ads coupled with custom product pages, you have a huge chance to dominate your niche.

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