Creative winners: tips from the best in the world on how to make creative that converts

By John Koetsier June 26, 2024

How do you win in advertising? Good targeting, sure. Great partners, absolutely. Excellent analytics and attribution, you bet. But not a single one of them beats great creative. Creative winners make all the difference.

Excellent, novel, intriguing, attractive, but above all CONVERTING creative is the single most important thing to get right in advertising.

Unfortunately, like most things, it’s easier said than done. So how do you craft great creative?


winning with creative guide


We asked the experts:

  • Tato Mikadze, Head of Gaming at MobileAction
  • Sara El Bachri, Gaming Growth Consultant and CEO at Shamsco
  • Paolo Vergani, Director of Creative Production at Liftoff
  • Sara Neill, CEO and Founder of the fashion app Mys Tyler
  • Doug Manson, Chief Creative Officer at Craftsman+
  • Gökçe Oğuz, CEO of Playable Factory
  • Hannah Parvaz, Growth Consultant and CEO of Aperture

Plus, we added unique insights from Snapchat on authenticity and influencer marketing, and a creative testing methodology that AppAgent uses with clients like Supercell, Square Enix, DoubleDown, and InnoGames. 

And then we wrote it all down in Singular’s new Winning with Creative report, available now.

Creative winners and ads that convert: what’s in the report

Creative winners give you a shot at high click-through rates, good conversion rates, and positive return on ad spend. Bad creative disqualifies you immediately as people ignore your ads and keep right on scrolling.

The trick, as usual, is knowing which is which.

What we’ve packed into the report:

  • Using creative to drive faster time to install, leading to less app abandonment
  • Using creative to build trust that what you’re advertising is accurate
  • Being creative about generating a lot of creative, quickly
  • Building creative with generative AI
  • Localizing creative with generative AI
  • Fighting creative fatigue (and knowing when you have to)
  • Getting out of a creative rut
  • Aligning creative from influencers with your app or product
  • Testing creative the right way
  • Best practices for creative on Google
  • Top ad formats for the top 500 apps
  • CPI, CTR, and IPM benchmarks from our latest Quarterly Trends Report
  • And much more …

Get some help today making more creative winners

We all know that driving growth via paid user acquisition campaigns is hard work. Being creative after weeks and months and years of making ads for the same app or game is sometimes soul crushing. And constantly inventing new ways to tell your store in pictures, text, and video is exhausting.

Get some help.

Grab the Winning with Creative report from Singular and see what some of the top experts in the field suggest for making more creative winners. Worst case scenario: you get just 1 tip that makes a difference in your current struggle to sweat out just 1% better performance.

Best case scenario: you encounter something that’s a game-changer for your performance, 2Xing or 3Xing your results.

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