Singular releases free tools & training for marketers impacted by coronavirus

By Gadi Eliashiv April 22, 2020

Starting today, Singular is giving our unified marketing data and analytics platform to all SMB marketers for free, with no commitments, for half a year—180 days. In addition, we’ll provide advanced training from industry experts on marketers’ toughest growth and data management challenges.

Marketers at the fastest-growing companies have access to technology and training that others don’t. Singular wants to address the training gap, as well as the technology. To this end, we’re offering best-in-class webinars and workshops on key topics that show marketers how to harness their data to address performance and consumer behavior shifts, and provide ways to leverage this data effectively across organizations.

You can access our free tools and training from our coronavirus resources page:


The hurdles that SMBs must overcome

We’re giving access to our Starter tools for free to alleviate the issues that small and medium-sized businesses are encountering during the coronavirus pandemic. Singular unifies data across all of a marketer’s ad networks and channels, enabling them to assess the performance of their campaigns and make better, faster decisions to grow their business.

Now more than ever, marketers need to prove ROI. They need to be able to shift strategies rapidly to adapt to changing consumer behavior and make smart advertising decisions. Others are growing fast in our shelter-in-place reality and need the tools to scale campaigns efficiently. And almost all of us are now working remotely and need to stay in alignment with our colleagues with a single source of truth for Marketing, BI, Finance, Creative, and Executive teams.

In short, it’s a really tough time for SMB marketers right now. Not only are they under a lot of scrutiny—they’re having to justify their work and protect their very existence.

By offering our unified marketing data and analytics platform for free for half a year, we hope that marketers hardest hit by COVID-19 will have the help they need to ride out and overcome the worst effects of the current downturn. They’ll gain a single source of truth for marketing performance; automated, aggregated access to all of their marketing data; and a platform that aligns all of their teams on the same tailored business metrics. 

Other things advertisers can do during this difficult time

Outside of our offer, there are several strategic things SMB advertisers can do today to keep their business stable—if not growing—during this time:

  • Report on ROI daily to demonstrate the value of your work, cut ineffective ad spend, and only invest in what’s working for your business
  • Make sure you have near real-time reporting for key KPIs to quickly react to shifts in performance or consumer behavior
  • Analyze your users’ lifetime value and how COVID-19 has impacted it
  • Plan around negative (drop in ARPU) and positive (drop in CAC) scenarios

A few more things to keep in mind….

Beware of fraudsters

In addition, now’s a good time to double down on fraud prevention. With so many “bad actors” coming out of the woodwork during this pandemic, take extra precautions to protect your data, reporting, and apps. 

Look at cross-device performance

Make sure you’re getting the full picture when it comes to your advertising efforts. That means being able to connect marketing spend data to conversions across devices and platforms. Now more than ever, the effectiveness of every ad dollar is only as good as the accuracy of your ROI analysis.

Learn more about how Singular can help

If you’re interested in learning more, Singular has industry-leading solutions that can help with both fraud prevention as well as cross-device attribution.

The learning curve: continued marketing education

We’ve seen so many great sources of information (and inspiration) pop up online over the last few months: cooking classes, workout routines, music festivals, and more. People are also starting things they’ve wanted to for a long time, like music lessons and catching up on reading lists. 

As folks spend more time at home, this is a good opportunity to level up your skills. Invest some time now to make yourself a better growth expert by learning SQL and Python. (You’ll thank me later.)

Why? As marketers grow more dependent on their BI team, it’s useful to develop the knowledge to understand marketing analytics more deeply. By learning SQL basics, marketers will be able to query their own data, come up with their own conclusions, and become more independent. With Python, you can be self-sufficient in automation and more innovative with your work.

The role of data scientist has become a game-changer in the advertising space. At a minimum, learning how to pipe data into reporting will empower you and your BI team to speak more of the same language.

We’re in this together

A Singular team member recently asked me if I’d had any moments of pause during our shelter-in-place due to COVID-19. I’ve had so many. As we’ve shifted to working from home (I feel for you, fellow parents), buckled down to focus on how we can be even more effective, and understood the pressures that many businesses face, one thing has stood out for me…

We’re living history right now. These times will be in history books.

How we respond to the challenges we face says who we are as a global community. It also demands that business leaders summon our best selves to give back and lift up.

There can be a tendency to get lured into a constant stream of news headlines and CDC data. At the end of the day, you realize that the most effective thing you can do is just stay home and weather the storm, and to connect with friends and family in ways that are meaningful and make sense given current events. 

As I see people come together—for each other, healthcare workers, neighbors, and businesses—I know we’ll get through these challenges. We’ll conquer a pandemic and bring our best selves to whatever lies ahead.

Singular is doing our small part to help.

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