Zero time chasing data.
More time driving growth.

Get a complete view of ROI
with next-gen attribution,
full-funnel marketing data,
and best-in-class fraud prevention.

Teams that leveled up with Singular’s next-gen attribution

Conversion Rates
Access accurate and actionable cross-platform analytics instantly for better optimizations.
Ditch the spreadsheets. Transform siloed marketing data into insights automatically.
Source of Truth
Align internal teams and speak the same language by democratizing data.

Solutions to grow faster

Marketing Analytics
Accurate, timely and actionable cross-platform analytics.
Cost Aggregation
All your ad spend data accurately reported in one place.
Marketing ETL
Clean, unified marketing data loaded where you want.
Mobile Attribution
Track and measure the path to conversion across channels.
Fraud Prevention
Block more ad fraud with the industry’s leading solution.
Ad Monetization
Analyze ad revenue and tie it back to acquisition costs.

Operating at our scale, we have had to overcome some very complex data challenges. Singular solved for these complexities, by helping us unify and attribute our data, analyze our ROI and enable us to focus on our core mission – building the world’s best on-demand transportation network

Ran Makavy
EVP & Chief Product Officer

I think the biggest help has just been saving time and energy allow us to focus on actually executing campaigns.

Brian Sapp
VP of User Acquisition, Jam City

One of the things I really love about working with Singular is I am able to understand a user journey from app install to a conversion that may occur on desktop. We talk a lot about cross-platform being a real problem within the industry and Singular is helping me solve for that.

Rachel Chanco
Director of Digital Marketing & Mobile Growth

Singular has been the key to uncovering ROI across our entire customer journey, which powers us to intelligently grow our business. By utilizing Singular’s Attribution as part of its larger platform to unify the data across our entire marketing stack, we’ve gained access to unrivaled granularity to optimize against.

Kasim Zorlu
VP of Performance Marketing

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