Mobile Marketing Simplified

Singular is the only mobile marketing platform that unifies all your spend and revenue data in a single dashboard. Our platform provides Unified Reporting, Workflow Automation, Predictive Optimization as well as Creative Optimization in a single solution.

Save Time and Money

Save countless hours of manually aggregating data across all yours ad networks, trackers, publishers and agencies.

Slice & Dice

Slice and dice campaign data in every way possible to enable true optimization at scale.

Scale at Ease

Whether it’s 5 or 50 partners you want to work with, Singular makes scaling on mobile a breeze.

Get Granular

Capture the most granular meta-data behind campaigns to enable further performance optimization.

Set Goal Alerts

Have a target CPI in mind? Set it on Singular and be notified when it hits or exceeds your goal.

Optimize Creatives

Analyze all your ad creatives in one place allowing for true design optimization.

How it Works

We integrate with over 200+ data sources through a variety of integration methods to provide marketers with a single dashboard that captures the full marketing report view, from user level data to ROI.


Reporting Interface

Simple, fast and extremely powerful interface

Singular’s powerful data-collection engine brings all your data together in one place so that you can see the full funnel view into your ad performance. Our proprietary data algorithms are applied to your data to produce actionable insights. We are integrated with over 200+ ad partners and adding new ones every day.
With the Reporting Interface, you will be able to slice and dice the data any way you like, by focusing on specific dimensions, metrics, KPIs and different cohort periods.


Goal Management

Imagine a world where you can just ‘Set it and Forget it’. This is now possible with Singular’s Goal Management module. Set a specific goal (like CPI) that you would like to achieve and our system will automatically notify you when this happens.

Creative Optimization

The first creative optimization tool for mobile ads!

For the first time in the history of mobile marketing, marketers will be able to easily view the performance of their ad creatives in one interface. Singular’s Creative Optimization module enables a variety of pivot options so that you can optimize creatives based on country, gender, age, campaign type, you name it!