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The Marketing Intelligence Platform that fuels the most advanced growth stacks and accurate, granular, and timely insights needed to grow at scale.

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Connect marketing inputs to business outcomes

Automatically connect and combine siloed marketing data from thousands of sources with attribution data to get an accurate view on marketing performance down to the user-level.

Take a scientific approach to decision making

Make smarter decisions to get more out of your marketing with performance and ROI insights that are tailored to your business. Understand the impact of your marketing at both high and granular levels.

Automate the basics — focus on strategy

We built automation throughout our entire product suite. Automate data collection and enrichment, alerting, distribution of audiences, and tap into image recognition technology for next-level creative insights.

Knowing your results is good.
Knowing precisely how you achieved them is gold.

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UNIFY by Singular is returning for its second year on June 4, 2019.

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Jam City optimizes campaign performance and creative strategy with Singular

Jam City’s VP of User Acquisition Marketing, Brian Sapp

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What makes the best mobile ad networks on the planet the best?

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