Our solutions for businesses working with Amazon Web Services

About Singular's partnership with AWS

Our goal is to simplify your customer acquisition and engagement marketing data and make it accessible, so you could extract intelligent insights from it, and build anything to drive higher growth.  So we’ve partnered with AWS, and have built the capabilities and expertise for you to get the most out of your marketing data directly into your AWS applications.

The AWS solutions by Singular for Retail and DCX include:

  • • Consulting on how to build scalable growth marketing stacks on top of AWS
  • • Pulling all your unified marketing statistics to your internal databases
  • • Streaming real-time postbacks of your customer attribution pre-engagement and post-engagement to your servers
  • • Exporting automated raw logs of customer engagements and activity together to your S3 buckets
  • • Connecting data from your internal BI to our unified marketing data
  • Providing a 360 view of your customers based across all our integrations

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