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Any investment of resources requires consideration of the projected outcome. The investment in a marketing intelligence platform such as Singular can generate a huge payoff in time savings, efficiency, growth, and increased ROI.

Enabling massive global growth at scale

Modern marketing moves quickly. Billions of digitally-connected consumers around the world means that a brand with the right product and the right marketing can grow exponentially with targeted marketing regional and/or globally when driven by marketing intelligence.

Two recent examples are DGN Games and Yelp, both Singular customers.

DGN leveraged Singular to become the fastest growing social casino company, growing a massive 85% YoY. And Yelp used Singular’s granular data to target growth by region, critical for such a local-based service.

Modern marketers who are managing multiple geographies, each with multiple targeted locations and multiple channels, advertising partners, and marketing campaigns need intelligent and automated help to manage everything.

Expanding ROI through multiple ad channels

Marketers limit growth potential and improved ROI by only utilizing a few top ad channels – like Google or Facebook. They’re going to be critical to success, naturally, given their massive reach and exceptional quality, but finding more available growth requires more.

The most effective marketers use a marketing intelligence platform to reach many more new customers at lower cost. For example, we found that marketers who advertised on more than five ad networks had a 37% lower CPI and 60% higher mobile app installs with the same exact ad spend.

The critical requirement: a marketing intelligence platform that provides accurate and timely insights on ROI and other key performance indicators across all your channels … and controls for fraud at the same time.

Improving conversion rates

Putting your product, brand, or app in front of new potential customers is a great first step, but getting them to engage, convert, and purchase is even more critical. That’s why the granular analysis that a marketing intelligence platform enables is so important: it allows marketers to uncover exactly where and how and why attention is turning into conversions.

What we’ve seen: marketers who leverage Singular to uncover ROI at the deepest levels see an average 100% improvement in conversion rates.

Optimizing efforts, assets, and creative

Creative is responsible for half of all your ad-driven sales lift. It’s also where your marketing team spends a huge amount of its time. For both reasons, it’s critical to ensure that your creative converts. Granular creative-level ROI is the answer, and it’s another important capability of a marketing intelligence system.

One multinational game publisher leveraged Singular’s Creative Reporting to dictate the direction of asset creation and saw a 40% increase in ROI.

Ensuring accurate data

Without regular data pulls, marketers simply don’t have accurate data in either “hand.” It sounds simple: get all the data.

But in reality, it’s incredibly challenging to get accurate data.

First, the data needs to be complete with metadata like campaign information including changes, creative details along with creative effectiveness, plus delivery details for paid sources like cost, impressions, and clicks. For organic sources, that might be open rates for emails and clicks, web traffic, and other data points. Many data sources require multiple data pulls to get full granularity.

Not only do marketers need to capture all levels of granularity from every marketing data source, they also need to normalize and standardize the data, rationalizing different terms and attributes from each of them. In addition, without deep combining and synthesis of campaign data with attribution data, marketing teams connect properly connect effort and outcome.

Ultimately, very few marketing teams, if any, have the capability to repeatedly generate accurate data at scale.

Human errors, delays, processing issues, data pull inconsistencies, API outages, and unrealized normalization problems simply make this incredibly challenging. This is a challenge that a marketing intelligence platform such as Singular deploys huge amounts of technology and large numbers of dedicated data scientists to solve.

Saving time and resources

Even when they try to solve these challenges on their own, marketing teams can easily spend 15-25 hours each week manually aggregating and normalizing campaign analytics data from multiple media sources into a single view for side by side analysis [[21].

Reporting bottlenecks slow down analysis, while reliance on in-house engineering to update code slows down implementation of new initiatives. Many media sources force marketers to combine several ingestion methods and/or API calls to achieve maximal granularity. And after you have standardized campaign analytics data, combining it with attribution data is even trickier.

A marketing intelligence platform eliminates or streamlines that work, freeing up analysts and engineers for more strategic deployment, as well as helping them find solutions for more advanced problems.

Increasing spend efficiency

Marketers find more opportunities for optimization when data is updated in real time. And they find them quickly, adjusting or eliminating underperforming channels before wasting time and dollars with inefficient spending.

Surfacing fraudulent activity in real time also has a major impact in eliminating wasted spending.

In a data-driven hyper-competitive market, the edge belongs to those marketers who can successfully synthesize and integrate more distinct data-sets into their daily data-driven decision-making process.

Those who are missing data-sets — or cannot integrate them into intelligible insight — are looking at the complete picture and can only perform limited, local optimization.

Aligning all departments via data transparency

It’s not helpful for Marketing to have the right numbers but Finance to have incorrect information. A marketing intelligence system recognizes that a critical part of company success is a single source of truth not just for marketing but for every team in a company.

When all team members can access reliable, standardized data within a single platform, teams are empowered to make the decisions that truly benefit the business. And talking apples to apples enables better communication between marketing and finance, agency and brand, and channel managers.

Marketing intelligence:
connecting all the dots

Imagine a marketer: Her right hand and her left hand are connected. She knows the ROI of every campaign and activity she engages in. She understands exactly how her various creatives are performing. She knows why people become customers or users, what channels they prefer, and she sees when members of one segment are actually better suited in another.

She knows in real-time what marketing activities are generating ROI, and she knows what publishers inside an ad campaign managed by a partner are worth sticking with, and which are a waste of time. She can align spend to results daily or hourly or even more frequently, if she chooses. She can run experiments and tests, and reliably apply the results to future marketing allocation decisions. She gets actionable insights, and applies them to optimize her marketing daily.

And she can sleep at night, because her marketing intelligence platform isn’t only filtering out fraud and low-quality traffic, it’s also alerting her to any anomalies or out-of-parameter spending, ROI levels, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more.

In short, she is a scientific marketer.

One of our customers put it like this, referencing the original Wizard of Oz, which plays in black and white until the moment Dorothy leaves Kansas in a hot air balloon for the magical land of Oz. He’s comparing the period before having Singular to what marketing felt like while employing Singular’s marketing intelligence platform

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