Marketing Intelligence Platform (MIP)
A complete guide to the new
standard for growth marketing

Imagine a marketer.

She has a left hand and a right hand.

In the left hand are all the things she is doing: campaigns, ads, emails, offers, websites, apps, and more. In the right hand are all the results those activities generate: sales, sign-ups, app installs, awareness, engagement, sharing, and more.

Q. How can she bring those hands together?
A. Via a marketing intelligence platform.

The primary function of a marketing intelligence platform is to connect effort with outcome at aggregate and granular levels. This lays the foundation for three critical things:

One: Complete visibility of aggregated marketing impact.
Two: Full knowledge of granular ROI and customer acquisition cost (CAC) for each activity, campaign, creative.
Three: Deep predictive insights into profitable future growth.

Those insights include customer journey flows across devices and platforms, of course. More critically, that knowledge includes visibility into what products, offers, and creatives converted which customers and cohorts, regardless of device or platform.

In effect, a MIP gives you deep insight into your customers as well as your marketing efficacy.

Enabling technologies for a true marketing intelligence platform (MIP) are many: unification of marketing data, including spend and attribution data. Simple interoperability with CDPs, BI systems, and other data platforms. Fraud detection, creative reporting segmentation, cohorting, automation, and more.

Now the left and the right hand meet. Together, they unlock scientific growth in a new world of marketing.

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