Mobile Ad Fraud Prevention

Keep your ad budgets focused on quality users with the industry’s leading Fraud Prevention suite, equipped with always-on fraud detection and the most prevention methods.

25% ad budget saving

by blocking fraud before attribution decisions hit your reporting.

2X optimization efficiency

with a suite of reports that drill down into fraudulent activity, in real time.

90+% decrease in suspicious traffic

with 50+ fraud detection and prevention methods.

Endless custom strategy

with custom rules across a full range of parameters to tailor your prevention.

Protecting ad budgets for marketing teams around the world!

One holistic and evolving fraud prevention suite, no extra charge


Catch ad fraud before it wreak havoc on your budget and reporting integrity with pre-attribution rejection.


Consider all fraud detection indicators at the most granular levels and utilize 50+ fraud prevention methods.


Analyze reporting down to the publisher, campaign, geo, and site level to learn how your app is being targeted by fraudsters.


Personalize your fraud prevention strategy with customized fraud rules based on your business needs.


Stay one step ahead of evolving fraud methods with a dedicated team of highly-skilled scientists.

Ready to protect your ad budget from fraud?

Fight fraud before it affects your business

Block more fraud

50+ fraud detection & prevention methods, more than any other provider, to give you superior protection at no extra cost.

Catch fraud before it hits your attribution

Detect and prevent fraudulent traffic in real-time, before attribution, to ensure accurate measurement and reporting, and protect against wasted budgets.

Choose fraud rules that work for your business

Personalize your fraud strategy with granular controls that configure the system to work for your business, including black and white listing.

Analyze reporting for every situation

Better communicate with partners and stakeholders with full reporting visibility into rejected, suspicious and protected data to understand how your app is being targeted by fraudsters.

Rely on unique industry methods

Proprietary detection and prevention methods, like Android Install Receipt Validation & Click Hijacking Protection.

global support

Account teams with
market & verticall

Dedicated QA team
to ensure data


Is ad fraud affecting your business?

Fraud Detection & Prevention Suite FAQ


First-in-industry deterministic Android Install Validation technology. This breakthrough in Android fraud prevention is a gamechanger and vastly more effective at fighting the growing threat of fake install fraud.

Android Click Injection Prevention leverages Google Play Referrer to recognize fake impressions and clicks intended to manipulate attribution crediting after a legitimate user installed the app.

Stop cannibalizing organic users with the industry’s first deterministic solution for more accurate detection of organic poaching on Android.

iOS devices support install receipts which we verify with Apple to ensure the app was actually installed from the App Store on the given device. When a valid install receipt is not detected, the attribution is blocked.

Automatically applies deterministic rules in real-time to block installs before they are attributed. These rules serve as a first-line of defense in the fight against fraud and utilize signals surfaced by the more complex Statistical Methods.

We presented our needs to them, and they considered their full array of detection methods to mold the right multi-channeled fit for us. We feel like they are an extension of our team, really dedicated to catching every potential fraudulent case, just as we are.

Vitaly Kudryavcev
Senior Digital Media Specialist

We manage a lot of ad partners and Singular is the best way to join partner metrics with our MMP for a full view of our campaigns. The Singular team continues to go above and beyond for advertisers’ needs and are clear leaders with their fraud suite technology, SKAN attribution, and cost reporting analytics.

Anonymous G2 Review

Awesome MMP tool with great fraud detection and management.

– G2 testimonial

Deepak Sharma
Performance Marketing Manager

Ready to protect your ad activity from fraudsters?