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Singular’s Granular Reporting Gives Match Group a Competitive Edge to Target More Accurately

By Gadi Eliashiv March 6, 2017

Match Group is a pioneer in the online dating industry, with an enviable market share and operating over 45 of the world’s most popular dating apps in more than 190 countries, including Match, Tinder, OKCupid, Meetic, PlentyOfFish and OurTime.

Match needed to scale its marketing efforts fast as the company’s portfolio continued to grow at a rapid rate. In order to do this efficiently, automation of data engineering and accurate tracking of campaigns were top priority.

Instead of focusing on scaling our mobile spend, we were consumed with just getting the reporting done of past campaigns — countless hours a week were wasted on calculating basic levels of costs. We needed a sophisticated way to not only aggregate this data, but access granular levels of insights

said James Peng, Head of Mobile & Social Acquisition.

Initially, the team had to manually calculate costs and attribute these to installs, which proved to be a highly unscalable process. Aside from the time spent to report on these metrics, the team needed more granular reporting into campaign performance to achieve more accurate targeting.

We have many partners on various platforms that have non-standardized or only manual reporting options — and these integrations aren’t apples to apples. Instead of building out and more importantly, maintaining, individual integrations into our BI which would require significant and ongoing engineering resources, we chose a solution that had a proven record of accurately aggregating the granular levels of data we needed. Having a solid, strong support team is an added bonus.

Singular standardizes and automates Match’s marketing reporting across 40+ channels for its major apps on both iOS and Android.

We first parse out all daily data from Singular, then bounce it against a mapping table that we maintain that matches campaign names and channels to our internal tracking schema.

says Peng. Cost, impression and click data is then tracked into Match’s internal reporting system to give the marketing team insights to apply to future campaigns.

Match tracks Cost per Registration, CVR and CPM with Singular. “CPM is a critical metric that better indicates market competition,” says Peng, who notes that staying competitive in the dating vertical is challenging since the targeted market and user base is much more precise than that of a gaming app.

CVR is also used as a warning sign to help Match protect against fraud. “Fraud is a huge problem and we’ve shut down many channels due to this. Singular helps us look at conversion rate on a granular level or anomalies with click volumes at different times to identify suspicious activity.”

By facilitating such granular reporting, Singular allows Match to stay competitive and ensure the correct types of checks and balances are in place to avoid working with untrustworthy partners.

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