Improving efficiency; scaling growth

The Singular team’s technical prowess, combined with the usability and depth of their platform, gave us the confidence to invest in our app marketing strategy.
Itay Milstein
VP Marketing
  • Efficiency
  • Time
  • Clear visibility
    With flexible reporting views
  • Single source
    Of truth
  • ROI

Who is Brain Games?

Mad Brain Games is a mobile gaming company that develops free-to-play mobile games. The company is the developer of Word Farm Adventure, a Scrabble-style game that challenges the brain and can be played by kids and adults alike, and Cinematch, an exciting movie-puzzle mashup game.

  • Founded
  • Title is Word Farm Adventure – a casual word puzzle games with a twist
  • Employees located in Israel, Ukraine, and Poland
  • Games developed so far…and counting

The Brain Games Challenge

Since starting off, the team had been using 3 other tools but they felt that they missed that connection between the cost side of the business and the attribution and post-install performance, all at once.

Itay Milstein, VP Marketing says “We needed a better solution to support our needs. We were using three different tools – one to monitor spend, then something to connect spend with attribution, and then to track it all. It felt disorganized and inefficient and was clearly not even cost effective for the company.”

And so began the search for a more affordable tool that could potentially consolidate a number of functions and cut down on the number solutions they were using.

Why Singular?

Singular clearly stood out as the solution that could fit this growing company’s needs. “We knew Singular from the industry and had heard about it from other customers. We were really excited to have one single source of truth and to save costs on the way.”

Digging into this, he explains that as Singular started as a cost aggregation tool, all the networks were already supported in Singular for cost; and attribution can be easily configured with new partners.

The interface and dashboards were also really enticing. “On Singular we saw that we could create dashboards which are like executive summaries, with high-level detail, performance and so on. In fact, we could basically build whatever dashboards we want because we can just widget the dashboards according to our needs.”

The Singular Solution

“It didn’t take us long to realize that we’d made the right decision – Singular has helped us improve our ROI by saving much of our time doing daily routine operations and providing us with metrics not available on other platforms.”

The dashboards were key to drawing Brain Games to Singular. “I can build my own reports and do not need to rely on our BI team. All metrics are available for every cohort and we have built many dashboards that we actively use and can export and share as we need to.”

He explains that some of these dashboards are designed for the campaign managers to see granular campaign performance for better optimization analysis and decision-making; while dashboards are for management who want to see high-level performance.

The value of having all these views is great. Singular gives us much more than the ability to manage campaigns but rather an entire view of the game’s performance across the teams as needed.

Anyone at Mad Brain Games who needs it is given access to Singular and goes in to see their dashboards there. Itay notes that they also use the online link capabilities to give external partners a live view of their performance without giving them access to the whole platform.

The team also enjoy the flexible of the views to show the metrics that matter to Brain games. “Even when we didn’t have specific metrics, or the custom metrics that we wanted, we just asked for them and the Singular team was able to create those for us and we could see them in our reports.”

While most of his time goes into the dahsboarding and reporting, Itay does get to enjoy Singular’s other features like:

  • Governance, for mapping tagging different campaigns based on creatives, campaigns etc, which enables them to break down performance based on those tags
  • The Fraud Detection & Prevention Suite.
It’s not even something we specifically break down and think about feature by feature. Singular gives us all we need to operate successfully while becoming more efficient as a team, which includes saving time and having all our views in one place.

Brain Games + Singular Success

“Even if not directly, our work with Singular has obviously affected our business metrics. We can see more metric breakdowns and new breakdowns, from which we can optimize better and perform better and it shows – we’re seeing improved ROI and general uplift in game performance. Using Singular also supports the organization, which is not less important, especially for an early-stage, lean marketing team. We’ve become more efficient.”

We’re seeing improved ROI and general uplift in game performance
Itay Milstein
VP Marketing

Being able to build their own reports easily has been a big part of this success. “Not having to be needy or dependent on our internal BI team, means that we have less gaps and complaints and can push things out quickly.”

Itay also notes that Singular’s customer success team has been excellent to work with. “Singular’s team are very responsive and it’s clear that their customer success is a strong internal, company goal.”

Key areas of success

Improved efficiency

Time saved

Clear visibility with flexible reporting views

Single source of truth

Better ROI

Marketing in a big company vs start-up

Change your mindset
You’re coming from a bigger company with a specific position and entering a start-up company with very different resources. You will need to be much more hands on and do many different things that you normally would not expect to do.

It’s a journey
You need to invest time, effort and a lot of testing into your new world before you see any success in numbers, mistakes are an essential part of the company’s growth.

Be hungry, humble, and always motivated
New companies take time to evolve and grow. Go in accepting that.

Why choose Singular?

“Tell me why not? I don’t see any reason to not use an all-in-one tool and pay less. I can’t understand the logic of paying double or even triple to use 2 or 3 tools at the same time, so really — tell me why not.”
Itay Milstein
VP Marketing

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