Ilyon takes their growth game to the next level with 98% increase in installs

By Saadi Muslu August 13, 2019

At a glance

  • 98% increase in installs YoY
  • 22% decrease in cost per event
  • 10 hrs/wk saved per week UA Manager

Ilyon is an up-and-coming leader in mobile entertainment with users around the world and more than 500 million downloads of their free-to-play games. Their vibrant portfolio includes titles like Bubble ShooterTM, Cookie Rush, Cube Rush, and Bubble Pop Spinner.

Their story

The team at Ilyon had aggressive growth goals: increase their user base at a rapid pace and keep those users engaged. They knew that advertising across more media sources was key to extending their reach and acquiring users at scale. This meant they had to test and integrate new media sources, and fast.

They also needed to be able to scale their ad spend profitably. This requires the ability to frequently analyze performance and ROI at granular levels. Which is not a walk in the park when you’re advertising multiple titles on more than a dozen media sources. ROI reporting and analysis for the level of scale the team needed was proving to be time- consuming, and downright impossible in spreadsheets.


Their solution

That’s where Singular came in. The team turned to Singular to transform their siloed marketing data into actionable insights to better optimize their growth efforts.

They were able to automatically connect and standardize campaign data for a side-by-side view of performance across all of their media sources. Better yet, Custom Dimensions enabled the team to tailor their reporting to their unique needs without involving their development team.

Singular’s Creative Analytics was key to improving their storytelling and breaking through to their audiences. They were able to compare image and video performance across all their media sources in a single view. Creative Clustering enabled the team to easily visualize the performance of a certain ad asset across different campaigns and media sources.

Automating tedious tasks was key to the team staying efficient and on track. They leveraged Automated Alerts to get notifications when there were meaningful shifts in performance, allowing the team to make quick optimizations.

With Singular’s advanced Team Management capabilities, the UA team was able to grant tailored access to other teams in the organization. The Business Intelligence team piped clean data from Singular to their internal systems to perform further modeling and advanced analysis. The Creative team used Singular’s Creative Analytics to visualize the performance of ad assets and direct future iterations.

Digital advertising is a quickly evolving space and it can be hard to keep up. Thankfully Ilyon’s Customer Success team was there for them every step of the way. They’d meet regularly to check-in on the status of campaigns and strategize their next move.

Singular powered our team to uncover accurate, granular and timely performance insights and was key to growing installs by 98% in the past year. We established a single source of truth for marketing performance, and were able to automate tedious reporting tasks and refocus our energies into making smarter media buying decisions.

Gabi Castellan, Head of User Acquisition

Their results

A smart strategy, hard work, and sophisticated technology paid off! With Singular, Ilyon was able to crush their growth goals and rapidly grow their userbase. They achieved a 98% increase in installs* in a matter of a year! The team saved ~10hrs a week per UA manager, which was reallocated to creating and optimizing campaigns.

* Source: AppAnnie

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