Pipa Studios increases # of payers by 2x with better data visibility and access

It’s great to have a real partnership. Our success is Singular’s success and we really feel that. The first thing I do when evaluating a new tool is to figure out if we’re real partners or just a number on a spreadsheet.
Said Salles
Co-Founder & CGO @ Pipa Studios
  • 4-6
    Hours of work per week saved
  • 70+
    Campaign links migrated
  • 2x
    Increased # of new payers per day
  • Reduced
    Payback period
  • 100%
    Data migrated

What is Pipa Studios?

Pipa Studios started developing mobile games in 2012 and has since become a leading force in the Social Bingo market in South America and Europe. With an expert team headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, Pipa Studios has expanded its brand recognition globally.

As one of the largest game developers in Brazil, Pipa is pushing the social bingo vertical to new heights with its top game Praia Bingo and its other diverse titles and innovative new products. Pipa’s success is built from a talented, agile, and creative team with big goals and an even greater vision.

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The Pipa Studios Challenge

Limited developer and data engineering resources to handle data

Missing full data and API access for key analysis

A cost-prohibitive pricing plan for additional functionality

Lacking true partnership and customer support

After nearly a decade, Said Salles, Co-Found & CGO of Pipa Studios, was ready to expand his Growth Team and take on an initiative that overhauled the entire marketing stack in order to properly capture and optimize its user growth journey.

The idea was to create a team that has a more holistic view – activations, retention, and monetization”

Said knew they needed to upgrade their current attribution and analytics solution to achieve better reporting and data access, and they needed a contract that wasn’t cost-prohibitive when expanding the use of core attribution and analytics features.

When crucial functionality like cost aggregation is gated by pricey upgrades, teams can’t scale efficiently and are often left with time-consuming and manual work. Pipa Studios didn’t have cost aggregation which forced the team to manually download cost reports from each network partner, standardize the data, and upload it. For a team that has constrained data engineering resources this is not a good use of time. Pipa Studios needed a solution that would streamline the data management process with an easy-to-implement data pipeline.

Why Singular?

With their pain points not addressed by AppsFlyer, Pipa Studios kicked off an evaluation of the top MMPs, looking for more functionality and better commercials. When evaluating providers, Pipa Studios saw the differentiators between MMPs boiling down to industry expertise, product innovation, pricing structure, and level of support.

Something that was critical to our decision was having good partner relationships because we did not feel like we had received good support before.

Having both a global presence and localized teams, Said understood the level of support from Singular’s Customer Success, Support, and Solution Engineering teams would be game-changing. “I started to get to know the Singular team, and learned they were building locally which felt significant for our needs.”

I started to get to know the Singular team, and learned they were building locally which felt significant for our needs.

Singular presented a pricing structure that didn’t limit feature functionality – everything was included and considered out-of-the-box. This meant the contract would simply scale when Pipa Studios scaled. Said shared how crucial it was to have additional features included in their Singular contract, “previously, everything we needed we had to pay more for. Now, our success is Singular’s success and we really feel that.”

Because cost aggregation was not supported for Pipa Studios with their previous provider, the task used to drain resources, but now it’s automated and seamlessly incorporated into their marketing flow.

Pipa Studios + Singular = Success

During onboarding, Pipa Studios was introduced to the comprehensive features and capabilities that accompany the core Singular attribution and analytics solution. The Pipa team quickly realized they had only scratched the surface and had much more value to unlock from the new features they had access to. Between the plug-and-play nature of the ETL, the customizable automation gained through the Alerts tool, and the additional visibility and visualization of the Creative Report, Pipa was pleasantly surprised that Singular was delivering above and beyond its original solution needs.

Singular is more than just an MMP, it’s a full-stack marketing solution that helps streamline every aspect of Pipa Studio’s marketing operations. Said walked us through the features that have had huge impacts on their day-to-day efficiency and added value on top of the attribution capabilities they were initially looking for.

Marketing ETL “The ETL was not originally on my radar, but it’s a great feature and has been a huge help. This year we switched the cloud platform we were using and it was very easy to swap out and have our data sent to the new platform without any complications.”

Custom Alerts “I use the alerts so I don’t have to look into all of the campaign data. I just set some rules and am notified about what needs my attention.”

Creative Report “The Creative Report is has been amazing. We wanted to expand our marketing team to include a creative arm. Since we started using Singular, we are able to understand how our creative is performing immediately.”

Pipa Studios is a growing team that has seen firsthand the improvements a powerful marketing stack can bring to the entire organization. While the Singular solution is unparalleled, the team behind the solution is just as impressive. A big priority for Pipa Studios is a strong partnership, and Singular’s local LATAM team has provided just that. Between the Customer Success Team, Solution Engineer Team, Support Team, and Management, Singular’s LATAM team provides exceptional personalized training, best practices, industry guidance, and knowledge sharing.

It’s great to have a real partnership. The first thing I do when evaluating a new tool is to figure out if we’re real partners or just a number on a spreadsheet.

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