1mg increases userbase while reducing acquisition costs with Marketing Intelligence

By Saadi Muslu November 3, 2019

1mg is a digital retail and e-commerce platform located in Gurugram that delivers healthcare products directly to consumers, making healthcare accessible, understandable and affordable. It provides consumers information about prescribed medications and enables them to purchase them directly from their e-commerce platform. 

Their story

The team at 1mg had aggressive goals around scaling their user acquisition efforts and increasing their efficiency while keeping a tab on acquisition costs. As they have grown over the years, their KPIs have evolved. They started by focusing on installs to achieve reach and scale, and then transitioned to driving more first time users.

For the marketing team to reach their goals in a scalable way, they needed to be able to unify their siloed marketing data, uncover comprehensive performance insights, and make better decisions about how to spend their next marketing dollar. All of these data points and insights also needed to regularly sync with their internal database, which is hosted by AWS.

Their solution

To transform their marketing stack and establish a single source of truth for performance, 1mg decided to use Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform. The platform enabled them to automatically collect and combine campaign data across their media sources with their attribution data. This automatic data transformation uncovered performance insights, like ROI and CPI, at the most granular levels, even at a publisher level. These enriched data points and growth insights were then automatically synced with 1mg’s internal data processing systems powered by AWS.

 Marketing Intelligence
This is a fictitious dashboard

Their results

With their Marketing Intelligence Platform, the team at 1mg was able to make smarter, deeper and faster optimizations to maximize their marketing impact. Over the past year, 1mg’s user acquisition from paid channels has grown exponentially while reducing acquisition costs.

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