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This is us

  • 65 cities across, 12 countries
    Global Team
  • Hyper-multicultural team
  • 30% of our team move roles annually
    Internal Mobility
  • Why leave the best team in town? We have the highest retention rates in tech
    High Retention

Employee Value Proposition

Professional Growth

Each year, 30% of our team members internally transition to new roles. We prioritize internal promotions and provide coaching and development sessions to prepare our team for future opportunities.

Future of Work

The ideal work-life balance is different for each of us, depending on our lifestyle, family situation, country, and personal preference. Our approach is an employee-centric system that empowers every team member to choose their own way to work: the office, hybrid, or remote.

Gifted team members

Our team is proud to have the industry’s most qualified members with high IQ, EQ, and AQ. We value the diverse personalities that contribute to our great culture. We prioritize deep cross-departmental connections to ensure success. We support and inspire each other daily.

Caring & Positive Work Environment

We offer a diverse, safe, and compassionate environment, prioritizing mental and physical wellbeing. We strive for a positive and inclusive work environment, that respects diverse values and cultures, welcoming people from all walks of life.

With our caring culture and innovative product, 93% Employees say Singular is a great place to work.


  • Great Place To Work Certification

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Our company perks

Perks for the body

Trust to work as you choose so that you are empowered to fit your workouts into your day.

Perks for the soul

Recurrent self-care days, Calm subscription, regular offsites to connect and create relationships between global teams.

Perks for growth

Focus on developing your skills to build and futureproof your career.

Perks for fun

Dedicated employee experienced team ensuring that work is something that you enjoy!

Employees say

Singular is made up of incredible people – they’re smart, driven, hilarious, and the best people to learn from.

Kelsey Marie Lee
Product Marketing

It’s not about how sophisticated our managing methodologies are but really about empowering the team based on values, trust, and empathy.

Eason Yang
Customer Success

I appreciate the collaborative team culture. It’s a pleasure working with an ego-free team where folks make a special effort to support one another.

Travis Lee Simpson
Solution Engineer

In a global, diverse team here at Singular, I feel at home. In a place where time zones, accents, differences in backgrounds, and upbringings are celebrated.

Viviana Notcovich

Singular took Covid as an opportunity to give the employees more freedom, we call it the “whatever you want” attitude. I feel encouraged to work the most suitable way for me: from home, from the office, and often even from abroad.

Yotam Bagam

I can always learn new skills, and I’m never left feeling stuck in my career. It also helps that I’m working with the best engineering team you can find.

Yuval Carmel

*Singular is a proud equal opportunity employer, we’re committed to hiring top talent regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. We don’t just accept difference — we celebrate you being who you are for the benefit of our employees, our products, and our community.