Unify: Bringing the Marketing World Together

By John Koetsier August 17, 2018

A little over a month ago we held our inaugural UNIFY conference.

The dream for this conference started years ago. Singular is a community, and our employees, partners, and customers are our family. Our family’s mission is to unify data across the marketing ecosystem, and we do that for the best and brightest in the industry.

Our goal since day one — and our goal at the UNIFY conference — was to share the insights we unlock to marketers everywhere.

The best part about UNIFY?

We learned from some of the best about how to beat the rest. A literally all-star cast of speakers shared some of the ways they became all-stars.

Something even better, however, is that over the next week or so, we’re going to share their insights with you … right here on the Singular blog.

That includes top executives from Lyft and Poshmark. Senior leaders from LinkedIn, and VPs from companies like Calm, JamCity, Postmates, and N3twork. We learned about fraud from IronSource’s head of growth, and multi-touch attribution from Lyft’s head of marketing science. Top marketers from Instacart, Kabam, Small Giant, and Riot Games shared how they build their tech stacks and what drives outsized growth. Yelp execs spoke, along with leaders from Nexon, SmartNews, and

And Singular’s own CEO, Gadi Eliashiv, shared what’s changing in marketing technology, how those changes are impacting growth teams, and what marketing leaders can do to win today.

But there’s more. And it’s just for you.

We’re going to be sharing detailed insights on how all of these marketing superstars lead their world-class organizations … with full video.

I’ll update this post with the links as those posts go live over the next 7-10 days. So I strongly advise you to check this space regularly to learn from the leading stars of our industry. Over the next few days, you’ll get a chance to peek inside the curtain and see part of what made them so successful.

Our goal? Providing the tools that you need so you can join them.

If you came to UNIFY: thank you. You helped make it a truly special occasion.

But if you couldn’t get a ticket this year … we look forward to seeing you next year!

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