Throwback Thursday: A walk down memory lane

By John Koetsier July 19, 2018

We recently celebrated Singular’s 4 year birthday, so for this Throwback Thursday we’d like to take you on a walk down memory lane – and we’re throwing in a few old pictures for posterity.

Let’s set the scene… The year was 2014. “The most famous selfie in the world” was taken, Kim K stopped being Selfish and got married, the selfie stick was EVERYTHING, and you knew at least one person who camped out for the Apple Watch. And somewhere in a San Francisco living room, a brighter future for marketers was being imagined.

Our co-founders celebrating Singular!

When Singular was founded, we were just a small team of three with big dreams. Our founders Gadi Eliashiv, Eran Friedman, and Susan Kuo came up with the idea for Singular after working extensively in the mobile growth industry and noticing a huge void in the resources available to marketers. From their experience together at Onavo (acquired by Facebook), they knew that marketers were constantly facing issues resulting from a lack of data accessibility in their marketing stacks, and knew that this absence of structure was limiting marketers’ ability to strategize and optimize their campaigns.

So they formed Singular with the goal of creating a single source of truth for mobile marketers, and we’ve been building off that goal ever since. In June 2017, we acquired Apsalar and worked hard to merge our complementary technologies. Now, not only do we offer the most sophisticated campaign analytics available on the market, but we also combine that marketing data with attribution data in a single dashboard, allowing marketers to uncover ROI at the most granular levels possible.

Since 2014, Singular has accomplished a lot more:

  • Grown to 140+ employees around the world
  • Opened 7 offices internationally
  • Tracked over $10 billion in ad spend, 3x larger than any other provider in the analytics & attribution space
  • Integrated with over 1,600 partners
  • Live-streamed our CEO’s Tel Aviv wedding to our offices across the globe in September 2016
  • Flew high on a trapeze in December 2016
  • Released the first industry-wide ROI Index in February 2017, which has since become a staple annual report for marketers
  • Created our Unified offering (Singular Analytics + Singular Attribution) in June 2017, now used by 60% of our customers
  • Completed our 100,000th push-up in July 2017
  • Levitated and meditated in aerial yoga in July 2017
  • Released our first Fraud Index in November 2017
  • Survived an SF earthquake that decimated our whiskey collection in December 2017
  • Released our first State of the Industry report in January 2018
  • Held our 50th full company all-hands, Kablash, in May 2018
  • Belted out killer karaoke in the 4th international city on our world tour in June 2018
  • Hosted our inaugural growth summit, UNIFY, in June 2018
Singular celebrates turning 4
UNIFY by Singular
Our inaugural UNIFY summit – Party en blanc








Singular’s Israel team celebrates Purim
Push-ups are a Singular tradition








Bonding with our APAC team
Israel team staying active








Though we have grown in both size and ambition (much like Drake’s repertoire of dance moves) since 2014, this team still works as hard and as passionately as we did when we were just a handful of people in shared office space chasing a crazy dream. We have overcome countless roadblocks and shifts in the industry over the past four years which have helped shape our roadmap and strengthen our collective vision to make marketers’ lives better. We’re more excited than ever about what the future holds – as long as it isn’t another new type of MacBook port.

Interested in joining our tribe? We’re hiring engineers, support, sellers, marketers and more. Apply today for a role in one of our seven international locations! Must love dogs and GIFs.

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