Why the most talented people in the world choose to work at Singular: Enterprise account exec Channing Berry

By John Koetsier April 15, 2019

How do you scale a company that has the right product at the right time for the right problem? You hire the right people.

That’s easier said than done, which is why we have a stellar VP of People growing our team.

One of those “right people” is Channing Berry. A former LinkedIn, Sprint, Oracle, and Siebel sales leader, Channing has one of the more interesting stories of any recent Singular hire: being pitched by Serena Williams to join a different company … just before he made the call to say yes to Singular.

I interviewed Channing to learn a little more about him, why he chose Singular, and how he came to be pitched by probably the greatest player in women’s tennis history.

Koetsier: Who are you and what’s your background?

Berry: My name is Channing Berry and I am an Enterprise Account Executive at Singular. I grew up for the most part in Modesto, CA. I went to college at the University of Arkansas (after a short stint at the University of Wisconsin) where I was on a track scholarship where our teams won a couple of NCAA National Championships.

Koetsier: What’s your role, and what does it include?

Berry: I am an Enterprise Account Executive responsible for selling into the Enterprise marketplace.

Koetsier: You recently became one of Singular’s newest employees … and you apparently got pitched by someone famous to take a different offer.

Berry: Just to clarify, this person [Serena Williams] was on the board of one of the companies on my final list. She was definitely trying to get me to join their team. It was a great gesture by the company and her as she is someone I admire who is a great example for my daughters. I am paraphrasing, but she said she was proud of my accomplishments to date and she knows I have a tough choice but would love to have me a part of their team.

Koetsier: What are your passions, and how do they relate to your job?

Berry: My daughters, my family, sports, outdoors, connecting with people and working on living my best life.

Koetsier: What are the things that surprised you most about Singular in the first few weeks after joining?

Berry: Definitely, the outreach of support from all teams. They all made it clear they were open and willing to help at any time. This includes the founders, board members, Customer Support, Marketing, Sales Ops, and Sales Development. You get the point. I felt extremely welcomed and was able to establish connections quickly.

Koetsier: What’s the best part of your job?

Berry: I get to tackle the challenge of helping a growing start-up to provide an extremely valuable tool to marketers who tackle growth on a daily basis. The vision and future roadmap is extremely exciting

Koetsier: Anything you’d say to someone else getting an offer from Singular?

Berry: Yes, what they tell you during your interview process is true. They were very upfront with where they are where they want to go and where you fit in. If they are giving you an offer, it means they have carefully selected based on how you fit the culture of the company.

Koetsier: Finally, what do you think about the pets policy?

Berry: I love that pets are allowed in the building. I can get my dog fix since I don’t have one at home.

Koetsier: Thanks for your time!

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