How to transition to SKAN 4: guide

By John Koetsier February 27, 2023

Multiple mobile marketing experts have told me in the past few weeks that fewer than 30% of the community truly understands how to use SKAdNetwork as the foundation of high-performance growth marketing. And now we’re beginning to transition from SKAN 3 to SKAN 4: a more capable but also much more complex beast.

Welcome to the SKAN 4 transition guide.

How to transition to SKAN 4

We’ve created a guide that goes through all the things you need to know about SKAdNetwork as it continues to evolve:

  • What’s new in SKAN 4
  • How to prepare for the SKAN 3 to SKAN 4 transition
  • Building your SKAN 4 strategy
  • What data you can expect in your Singular dashboard

Why you need the SKAN 4 transition guide

There is no magic bullet coming that will bring back the IDFA. Your opt-in rate is not likely to be higher than 20%. Using fingerprinting presents risks for your app, isn’t deterministic, is likely to become less and less useful as Apple shuts down data leakage from mobile requests, and only works for a small percentage of partners anyways, not including the big self-attribution networks.

Like it or not, privacy is here to stay.

Certainly on iOS, and soon on Android.

So the key is to get good at conversion models that return useful data, at advertising strategies that maximize crowd anonymity and therefore data delivery, and use tools like Singular’s SKAN Advanced Analytics that provide hybrid measurement capabilities to maximize your ability to optimize campaigns, calculate LTV and ROAS, model missing data, and assemble missing cohorts.

In other words, lean in to the changes.

What you’ll find in the new SKAN 4 transition guide from Singular

In this free guide, you’ll find:

  • 5 major updates in the SKAN 3 to SKAN 4 transition
  • 6 things to do to prepare for transitioning from SKAN 3 to SKAN 4
  • 4 significant strategic decisions to make when building your SKAN 4 plan
  • And, a quick overview of the data you can expect from SKAN 4

You’ll also get the inside track on how to maximize data return from SKAdNetwork in the new era of Crowd Anonymity, which replaces Privacy Thresholds. You’ll get some insight on how to use each of the 3 potential postbacks you can get from SKAN 4, and advice on how to correlate coarse conversion models with fine conversion models so that whatever data you get back will be coherent and make sense.

You’ll still need to experiment with conversion models to find the right one that works for you, of course. And you’ll be able to choose from revenue models, ad monetization models, combined revenue models, conversion events models, engagement models, funnel models, and mixed models, including conversion events and revenue, engagement and revenue, and funnel and revenue. (Note: it may take some time for all models to be made SKAN 4 compatible.)

Get the guide

The guide is available for free here

Download it to accelerate your transition and ability to succeed at iOS mobile marketing.
But you might need more help, and that’s completely fine. Schedule some time with an associate on our team to get personalized insight for your specific situation, vertical, and app. Our goal is to provide everything you need to succeed.

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