Announcing SKAN Modeled Metrics: Closing reporting gaps with the power of data science

By Tally Schwartzman November 4, 2021

SKAdNetwork is Hard. 

Have you had terrible SKAdNetwork performance? Are your CPIs through the roof? Can’t seem to get enough data reported by SKAdNetwork? 

All mobile marketers running on iOS have faced severe challenges with SKAdNetwork, and most analysis of SKAdNetwork performance comes with a big learning curve. There are many optimizations and tweaks you can make to improve the status quo, but privacy threshold censorship is here to stay, and that’s a big pain! 

From what we’ve seen in the last few months, privacy thresholds are not only here to stay, but they can change – which can wreak havoc on the meticulous modeling marketers are trying to derive from their SKAdNetwork data. 

The industry is calling for help.

Mobile marketers have historically had an abundance of rich data sets, and have brought a groundbreaking level of sophistication to marketing. They’ve introduced data science and advanced tooling to execute campaign optimizations with near perfect accuracy to yield the best ROI possible. 

But with the seismic shift that SKAdNetwork brought to the industry, marketers have been left scrambling to pick up the pieces. According to Singular data, on average, marketers are missing 21% of their SKAdNetwork data! Being deprived of crucial data and reporting has caused an inability to effectively assess iOS campaign performance – the very thing mobile marketers had perfected.

Help is Here!

Enter Singular’s SKAN Advanced Analytics. 

SKAN Advanced Analytics uses proprietary data science models to enhance SKAN reporting capabilities. 

Modeled (extrapolated) metrics bridge the data gap that SKAdnetwork and privacy thresholds leave behind. In a world of compromised data availability, data accuracy, and ineffective campaign optimization, SKAN Advanced Analytics will even the score. Marketers will drastically increase their ability to accurately measure their users’ post install activity in a privacy-compliant way. No more data compromises!

So what does this all mean? 


Modeled (extrapolated) metrics will now be available for any SKAdnetwork campaign with obfuscated data (due to censored conversion values). Modeled Revenue, Modeled ROI, Modeled Events and Modeled Conversion Value Counts are derived from the SKAdNetwork installs that did have reported conversion values. With Singular’s enhanced SKAN data set (network-side data), granular cost data, and now Modeled Metrics, marketers finally have a holistic view of their SKAdNetwork performance that they can trust. No sketchy workarounds or shortcuts here. Our primary objective was to solve for these SKAdNetwork pain points while still maintaining data integrity and user privacy.

How to get started?

Modeled Metrics are available for all attribution customers and are live in your SKAdNetwork Reports today! Run a report and unlock your missing performance. 

At Singular, we believe SKAdNetwork is here to stay, and the future of measurement upholds and prioritizes user privacy. SKAN Advanced Analytics combines these ideologies while still providing marketers with the tools they need to maximize their ROI. However, Modeled Metrics are just the tip of the iceberg for Singular! 

We’re bringing real value for all clients now, and are excited to share what else is coming. Stay tuned! 😉

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