Singular ROI Index 2019: The unmissable advertising ROI webinar

By John Koetsier February 21, 2019

Singular’s ROI Index is the largest study that ranks top ad networks globally based on their ability to deliver ROI for advertisers. We’ve already published the Index and made it available to the world, giving you the ability to find the best advertising ROI available.

But now it’s time to dig deeper.

This webinar goes beyond the Index to talk about not only where individual media sources rank, but also what some of the key differentiators are.

Meet the experts

To do that, we’re going to bring in the experts: Susan Kuo, Brian Sapp, and Christen Luciano. (Yours truly, John Koetsier, VP of Insights at Singular, will moderate.)

Susan and Christen have deep insight into how various ad partners performed in the Index. Brian has an even deeper insight into what mobile marketers look for, and what they need in terms of advertising ROI from ad networks.

Susan Kuo
COO, Head of Business Development
Susan has an extensive background in mobile ad tech, analytics, and gaming. Prior to Singular, Susan held senior leadership roles at Onavo and InMobi. Susan is an active member of the mobile community and serves on the advisory board for several mobile-focused start-ups.

Brian Sapp
VP, User Acquisition Marketing, Jam City
A mobile veteran with previous roles at Tapjoy and Web Games, Brian manages user acquisition for Jam City, which currently has six of the top 100 highest-grossing games across the App Store and Google Play.

Christen Luciano
Director of Partner Development
Christen oversees Singular’s relationships with key partners. Prior to Singular, she was a product marketing manager with Kenshoo and held multiple additional marketing roles. Her focus is collaborating with top marketing platforms to help advertisers grow reach and maximize performance.

We’ll review the 2019 Singular ROI Index, but also talk about fraud, things marketers need to know about their ad campaigns, some of the biggest surprises, and the role SANs (self-attributing networks like Facebook and Google) should play in marketers’ ad campaigns alongside some of the mid-tier players.

Advertising ROI is critical, of course, but it doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

So we’ll also talk about how to find niches of profitable growth, new innovative players, and what to look out for.

One of the things that the 2019 Singular ROI Index makes very clear is that Snap and Twitter have made significant moves recently in terms of the value they offer to advertisers. We’ve seen that in their recent quarterly reports: Snap grew quarterly revenue almost $100 million year over year, and Twitter had record quarterly earnings.

We’ll talk about what we’re seeing in the platforms that is driving increased advertiser adoption, and we’ll talk about everything else the Index reveals about advertising ROI.

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