Singular expands in LATAM: Opportunity meets necessity

By Susan Kuo April 27, 2021

One of the most dynamic and rapidly growing regions in the world right now is LATAM. There is a huge amount of innovation happening in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, and all of the other countries of the region. We’re seeing growth rates in excess of 30% in sectors like e-commerce in key countries, and we’re also seeing brands and marketers in the region reach out to Singular for our solutions. 

As a result, we’re super happy to announce in response that Singular is expanding to LATAM. We want to serve existing LATAM clients better, and grow with new clients.

LATAM is an amazing region. Just like the rest of the world, it’s been hit with COVID, and just like the rest of the world, the pandemic has spurred huge change and expansion in mobile markets.

Fintech, gaming, and retail are just a few of the categories booming in mobile right now in LATAM, which was already one of the fastest-growing regions for mobile apps on the planet.



Meet the Singular LATAM team

With that growth and an increasing customer base there, we’re seeing the need for local boots-on-the-ground for sales and support. So we’re happy to unveil our LATAM team.

Bernardo Valenzuela headshot

Bernardo Valenzuela As Head of Sales for LATAM with Singular, I help the most innovative companies across all verticals in one of the fastest-growing regions in the world with technology they can trust and rely on to make the most out of their marketing efforts and have a true impact in their top/bottom line revenue streams and ROI.

Abril Headshot
Abril Bautista
Expert in the mobile ecosystem, with a focus on attribution, retention, campaign optimization & ad fraud. I am passionate about helping marketing experts achieve their growth goals. I have been doing it for the most part of a decade across the EMEA, US & LATAM market. I thrive on supporting companies of all sizes and verticals to use their data to its benefit & their final client.
Giovanna Montoro headshot
Giovanna Montoro
Building genuine connections is my true passion and I have been doing this for over 10 years in the AdTech and MarTech industries both in APAC and Latam. As a head of Sales Brazil at Singular I’m helping clients discover the true potential of their marketing operations.
Naomi Zheng headshot

Naomi Zheng

My main responsibility as Senior Customer Success Manager is to ensure that clients are continuing to receive value from Singular. With over 5 years of experience in customer success, I’m an expert at championing my clients’ voices at the decision making table. 

Victor Savath headshot

Victor Savath

As the VP of Solutions Consulting, I thrive on diving deep into the marketing ecosystem’s ever-evolving challenges and providing our partners with innovative solutions to navigate the landscape.  As a first step, I’d love to learn more about you and your team.

We’re extremely grateful to have such a great LATAM team, and look forward to working with them and learning from them.

What Singular can offer in LATAM

Marketers know that rapid growth needs deep insight to optimize investments. We think Singular provides that better than any other mobile attribution player in the market. Marketers also need to scale efficiently, they need cross-device intelligence, and they need data piped directly to their preferred data warehouses via ETL or API. 

Again, those are things that we do with great customers in LATAM and around the world.

Fraud is a big deal everywhere. Marketers need world-class fraud prevention that’s embedded within the core attribution product. Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite blocks more fraud than any other mobile measurement partner … and does it in ways that you manage and control.

Perhaps just as importantly, world-class marketers at top growing companies also need what Singular does best: combining attribution and analytics for a complete view of marketing campaigns and advertising impact: the inputs and the outputs. (Ask your representative for an overview of what that looks like and what it enables!) And guess what: it doesn’t hurt at all to have creative reporting embedded within your solution, the first and best SKAdNetwork solution for iOS devices.

Plus, pricing that grows only as you grow is how we partner with you. We only succeed when you win.

We deeply, deeply mean that. We work with all of our customers as partners. Each customer gets a client success manager who accesses resources all over the company to get their clients what they need. (And yes, this includes pinging me, or our CEO!) We also offer quarterly business reviews so we can be completely in touch with your needs, transparent about what we’re doing, and working together for your success.

Singular helps clients like Spacesheep and Treinta, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Rovio, EA, Airbnb, and many, many more achieve local and global success. We’re looking forward to working with many more great people and companies in LATAM in the near future.

Oh, that’s not just Zoom or email, by the way.

We’re available on Slack, Skype … basically any channel that you need.

Please take some time to watch the introductory video in your language. We’d love to say hi, hear from you, and learn more about your growth strategies, challenges, and solutions. And we’d love to be able to share how we can partner with you to drive your success.

Feel free to get in touch with us at any time:

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